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God Knows Your Need And What You’re Going Through

“God Knows Your Need And What You’re Going Through”

Jim Sheldon – The Positive Cowboy

Out touring, sharing God’s love, forgiveness and seeing The Holy Spirit working in others’ lives; I’ve received troubles from home and among family members. It’d get phone calls, texts and emails of bad news or health problems of family. Soon, I’m stressed and concerned, very distracted!! I loose focus on what I’m doing for Jesus!

I’d stop myself and start praying, seeking God’s help! As always, God proves He knows my problems and needs even before I pray!

I remember advice given by my pastor in Virginia!
He said; “When you’re out serving Jesus and lives are being impacted, change by His Spirit working through you. Bad things, bad news and distractions can come very severe. We call out to God, asking why! Realize these distractions come from satan, NOT from God!! Whenever we are right where God wants you to be or doing exactly what He’s called you to do. Satan is threatened by this and will do whatever he can to distract you or knock you off God’s Path!”

So, I’ve learned to look “Positively” at satan’s Trials, Temptations and Distractions! Realize, this is actually “A GOOD THING”! He’s threatened by what God is doing through or about to do through my obedience and service to Jesus!!

Then, I STAY PUT; right where GOD PUT ME and doing what HE SAID!!

Remember: “Help Is On The Way, Before We Pray!”


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