REVIEW: Chuck Wagon Gang – No Depression In Heaven

Producer:  Jeff Collins & David Johnson
Label:  Mountain Home Music

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In the very early days of country and gospel (back in the day when the 2 genres claimed they knew one another), there were 2 sets of Carters weaving their magic into the musical tapestry of Americana.  One set of Carters eventually became the Chuck Wagon Gang and forged their trail singing gospel, while the other Carter Family made their name mixing country and gospel.  Both families are sacred entities in their respective fields, and here with this new recording, the Chuck Wagon Gang weaves their way through a litany of gospel tunes that are uniquely identified with the famous Carter Family.

The up-tempo tunes, “WHEN OUR LORD SHALL COME AGAIN”, “AM I A SOLDIER OF THE CROSS” and “THE MEETING IN THE AIR” gets things off and running as the songs dutifully set the mood for the recording before slowing down for the reflective, “THE HEART THAT WAS BROKEN FOR ME”.  Halfway through, the tempo picks up to a medium pace and the song is a highlight of the recording and is my personal favorite from the recording.

The up-tempo, “HONEY IN THE ROCK” follows before the tempo slows back down for the title song, “THERE’S NO DEPRESSION IN HEAVEN”, which features a stoic performance by Shaye Smith.

The Gang does a splendid job on the classic, “THE OLD GOSPEL SHIP” before the group features Stan Hill on the song, “ON THE ROCK WHERE MOSES STOOD” (aka-Crying Holy Unto the Lord) before slowing down slightly for “ANCHORED IN LOVE DIVINE”.

“THERE’S A HILL LONE AND GRAY” picks up the pace a bit before moving on to the ballad, “SOMEBODY’S BOY”, which features Melissa Kemper.  The recording closes out with the sentimental feel of, “THE BIBLE IN THE CABIN”.

I’ll admit, while I am familiar with the Carter Family and who they are, I’ve never followed their music much.  But from what I do know, if anyone can channel their music into a fitting tribute, the Chuck Wagon Gang were the best group to do it and they certainly did it justice.  The only song missing that I can recall associated with the Carter Family was the song, “Keep on the Sunny Side”, and I am surprised it wasn’t included.  Overall, this is a respectful and fitting tribute to the Carter Family and their legacy, wonderfully delivered by the legendary Chuck Wagon Gang.


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

When Our Lord Shall Come Again**
Am I a Soldier of the Cross
The Meeting in the Air
The Heart That Was Broken for Me**
Honey in the Rock**
There’s No Depression in Heaven
The Old Gospel Ship**
On the Rock Where Moses Stood**
Anchored in Love Divine
There’s a Hill Lone and Gray**
Somebody’s Boy
The Bible in the Cabin


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James Hales

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