Michael Combs Has Little History At His Concert

Laeger, West Virginia – Gospel music sensation, Michael Combs is known throughout the Southern Gospel Music world as just a down right nice guy. He’s always stopping to talk with fans or take pictures with young and old alike. Michael will give you the time of day if it’s before a concert, or when he’s exhausted after a concert.
 Enter Jo Cline, a young man who first met Michael many years ago. His grandmother to Jo to see Michael when he was seven years old. Somehow at the age of seven Jo found himself standing on stage with Michael, and somehow he had a microphone in his hand and he is singing Michael’s song, “I’ll Be Back” with Michael standing right beside him on stage. That day, Michael made an indelible impression on a little seven year old boy. Click this link to hear young Jo Cline singing “I’ll Be Back”:
Next is what Jo had to say about the incident. Jo Cline said “I have a big story to tell. Over the weekend, I was home spending time with Mamaw Grace Cline. I saw that Michael Combs was coming to perform at Laeger on Sunday, October 6th. I did not want to miss this show because I have been a Michael Combs fan from the time I started my walk with Jesus. I had seen Michael in concert a few times when I was very little and had gotten to meet him as well. Then, I met Michael today just before his show. I told him how I used to sing his songs in church when I was only 7 years old. He asked me if I still sing. Of course, I said YES. During his performance, he stated that he had met a young man earlier who said he used to sing his songs at church when he was a young boy. He said he goes by the name, Jo. Then he asked if I was still out there. I stood up and he acknowledged me. Then he invites me on stage to sing with him!!! So I did get to sing with my all time favorite gospel singer today. I was totally shocked! Below is the video of Michael and I and a video of me singing the same song when I was seven years old. Click this link to hear the current of Jo singing Michael’s song “I’ll Be Back”.
Michael stated, “It’s not every day that you are privileged to meet someone whose life you touched at an early age and find out that he is still serving the Lord today.”, continuing Michael commented “I’ll Be Back” is one of my most requested songs and the song still touches people every night that I sing it.”
The song performed by Jo Cline was “I’ll Be Back” written by and recorded by Michael Combs.
Be listening for Michael’s charting song “Wings Of Prayer” and call you radio station requesting them to play Michael’s song.
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