REVIEW: The Sound – Make It Count

Producer:  Scott Godsey
Label:  New Day Records

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This was one of the most anticipated releases for me for 2019.  I discovered their music earlier in 2019 and was elated to find out they had a new recording coming out in November.  Consisting of dad, Rob Mills and his sons Levi and Jacob, they have a fresh and exciting sound, with a strong pop/country feel…fans of Karen Peck & New River, Jordan Family Band and those who remember the McRae’s, will really enjoy the music of The Sound.  If this latest release is any indication of the future of this group, it’s a wide-open playing field for these guys.

The recording starts off with the driving “CITY OF JOY”.  This infectious number is the mantra of every Christian, “we are bound for the city of joy” and is a great lead-off song before the tempo slows a bit for the medium tempo, “IT WAS GRACE”, which features Jacob.

Levi steps up to sing the Aaron Wilburn/Lee Black penned, “FIRST CHURCH OF MERCY”.  The inviting lyric welcomes all who need a Savior to come in “where the doors of love swing open wide…welcome to the altar of forgiveness, where the fallen can fall and tears are wiped away, welcome to the first church of mercy, take a seat on the front row of Grace”.  It’s one of the strongest songs on the recording, before moving on to the title song, “MAKE IT COUNT”, written by Rob Mills along with Jason Cox and Kenna West.

The tempo slows down for the first single, “CAN I GET A WITNESS”, which features Levi.  Penned in part by Jason Cox and Kenna West, the song is written in the same vein as another song they wrote, “Say Amen”, popularized a few years ago by Brian Free & Assurance.  It’s a great song and should do well for the guys.

The tempo picks back up a bit for the soulful, “ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS”.  Featuring patriarch, Rob Mills along with Levi, it’s a unique cover of the Steeles hit song from 20 years ago.

The tempo slows back down for, “I AM BECOMING”, which reminds us we are not who we once were and we a continuous work of grace in progress (Romans 12:2 comes to mind).

The tempo picks back up for the spirited, “GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY”, which fits the guys like a glove, before moving on to another enjoyable tune, “SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE”, written by Lee Black, Jason Cox and Sue Smith.

Jacob and Levi penned the closing song, “RAIN” and it’s a mellow tune reminding us that “the storm is gonna pass…a brighter day is breakin’ fast” and ends the recording on a positive note.

My only criticism would be I would have liked to have heard Jacob and Rob a little more than I did.  Jacob has a nice feel to his voice and hearing him on a couple of other features would have been great, and Rob has a gritty feel and creates a unique dynamic to their sound, and another feature with him would have been cool too.  Otherwise, this is an outstanding recording filled with excellent songs and killer arrangements.  I like what these guys are doing and look forward to seeing the success this recording will bring them.  If you like your gospel with a good country kick, you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Sound and this newest release.  It’s definitely one of the best and most exciting releases for 2019!


Track Listing:
(Stars denote personal favorites)

City of Joy**
It Was Grace**
First Church of Mercy**
Make it Count
Can I Get a Witness**
On the Road to Emmaus
I Am Becoming**
Great God Almighty**
Something About Love


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