Michael Combs With George Jones

A Blast From The Past

 Deep Gap, NC (March 9, 2020) Michael Combs has been performing at the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in Renfro Valley, Ky for over 25 years. It was early 2005 when Connie Hunt from Renfro Valley called The Beckie Simmons Agency about scheduling Michael for a concert on Saturday, May 07, 2005. When Michael and Denise arrived at Renfro Valley the day of the concert, Connie Hunt was walking them around the theater and Denise noticed a poster that George Jones was coming on July 22, 2005.

Denise (knowing that Michael has always liked George Jones) later asked Connie “If Michael was off on July 25th and we came to see George Jones would Michael be able to meet him?” Connie of course said, “I will make sure of that!”

So Denise called her friend Beckie Simmons who handles all of Michael’s scheduling and told her she wanted to give Michael a surprise of meeting George Jones –soooo Beckie made sure Michael was off on 7-22-2005. Needless to say Michael was very excited.

The evening even turned out greater than Denise expected when they were taken to George’s room and much to Denise’s surprise George’s wife Nancy opened the door and said “George it’s Michael Combs.” YES, even George Jones had heard “Drinking from my Saucer” by Michael Combs. They spoke and took photo’s and Michael, Denise were taken to their seats.

However, much to Michael’s surprise during the evening an usher came to Michael and said George would like to see you back stage. Needless to say Michael Combs was shocked when George said, “Michael, I would love to sing “Drinking from my Saucer” with you on stage but my band doesn’t know it. Would you like to sing “Amazing Grace” my band knows that one.”


Well of course Michael wasn’t gonna turn down that opportunity. Michael Combs is one of the best songwriters in the Southern Gospel Music industry even though many may not even know that he writes 95% of what he performs on stage – but many of you do know how quick and witty Michael can be at times – and as he was singing “Amazing Grace” he changed some words to thank George Jones for a dream come true.

Needless to say the audience loved it! As Michael Combs was leaving the stage George Jones said “What a Nice Man.” Also when Christmas rolled around that year Michael and Denise Combs were shocked when they went to their mailbox and had a Christmas Card from George & Nancy Jones.

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