5 Minutes with Kari Gooch

Matthew Lawson recently spoke with Karen Peck & New River’s Kari Gooch!

ML: Kari, it’s so great to chat with you, today! I personally believe you are very underrated as a singer. I’m a peer, but a fan as well. Did you dream of singing with your family when you were a little girl or is something that God put together as time went on? 
KG: Singing was definitely something God put together! I have always been more shy and comfortable in the background. I was about 16 when I started singing on stage full time. Ever since then I’ve slowly tried to start stepping out more. Honestly, I’ve just now gotten to where I’m actually comfortable singing a solo!
ML: KPNR has a brand new album. Could you tell me a little about the project and about the song you are featured on?  

Yes were so excited to have a new album out! Mom actually wrote the song I’m featured on with two contemporary writers. When I heard it, I knew it would be a song that I would like to sing. It perfectly describes what I want to say. I don’t need any other comfort, I don’t need any other peace, Jesus is all I need!

ML: As a minister/singer, it’s important to have days where you can replenish yourself spiritually and emotionally. What do you enjoy outside of music on your days off? 

KG: I have a hard time sitting still when I’m home! I’m a busy bee so I’m always working on some kind of project around the house. As far as replenishing spiritually, we try to go to our church on Wednesday nights when we’re home. I also listen to a lot of preaching podcasts when I’m driving in my car. When we sing on the weekends, we try to encourage and pour into other people so it’s really important for us to stay refreshed spiritually.
ML: This is kinda important, but no pressure… What’s your Starbucks order? 
KG: Oh gosh that’s a hard question!! Starbucks is my guilty pleasure! I usually go for a Carmel Iced Coffee with Cream in the summer, and a Carmel Macchiato in the winter. I do switch it up occasionally! Those who follow KPNR know my brother has his own coffee roastery, Solid Ground Coffee. I usually drink his coffee when we’re on the bus, but he knows I cheat on him with Starbucks when we’re home! Lol
ML: What is God teaching you in this current season of life?
KG: I’m enjoying just spending time with Him right now! I’m at a place right now where I’m free of distractions. I’m trying to use this time to learn about Him, know Him, and to draw closer to Him. I feel like I’m in a learning season right now, where He’s teaching me things I’ll need later on in life. I’m not sure what He has for me in the future, but whenever that time comes I want to make Him proud!
ML: So great to talk with you, Kari. Thanks for making time to chat! 

Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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