Main Street Adds Poet Voices to Berry Hill Roster

Nashville, TN (April 29th, 2020) – Main Street Music & Entertainment is proud welcome vocal group, Poet Voices, to its family of artists.

Legendary songwriter Phil Cross first introduced Southern Gospel to Phil Cross & Poet Voices in the early 1990s. Considered progressive for its time, fans quickly fell in love with this group and its unique presentation of the Gospel, which yielded an array of honors and five chart-topping songs, including Song of the Year for ‘I Am Redeemed.’ Now comprised of Cross, Donny Henderson, Nic Holland and Cyle Cornish, Poet Voices continues to raise the bar in all aspects of its music and production, striving to provide a fresh and exciting concert experience each and every time.  Audiences can expect to hear a variety of hit songs from the quartet such as ‘Jesus Built A Bridge,’ and ‘One Holy Lamb,’ as well as songs from Cross’ pen made popular by other groups such as ‘Wedding Music,’ ‘When I Get Carried Away,’ and ‘Champion Of Love.’

As Poet Voices look to the future, the need to adapt to the ever changing music industry was evident. “We had many options and factors to consider when contemplating the future for our group,” shares Cyle Cornish, the bass vocalist for Poet Voices. “When we discussed our vision, the team at Main Street came right alongside us to share those common goals. We are excited about partnering with this company and becoming the newest addition to Berry Hill Records. The future is bright and we feel blessed to have found a like-minded label in which to share it!”

“Working with a songwriting legend such as Phil Cross is an exciting opportunity in and of itself,” comments Q Phillips of Main Street. “But in reality, this entire group is really top shelf! These gentlemen are consummate professionals with high standards for the music they create and the words they sing. It’s truly a blessing to be able to be a part of their team.’

This week, Poet Voices released a new music video to social media for the song, ‘I Rest Assured.’ A timely message for the world today, the group compiled video footage from each group member to create this important reminder that we have assurance in Christ! New videos and music are planned for release this summer.

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