REVIEW: Master’s Voice – Solace

Producer:  Jeff Collins
Label:  Sonlite Records

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 If Master’s Voice made waves with their last mainline release, Walk Worthy, this latest release, Solace, is a mega tsunami!  I believe these guys have released their career recording and have definitely raised the bar for themselves.  Consisting of tenor, Ricky Capps, lead singer, TJ Evans, baritone David Folenius and Jerry Pilgrim on bass, the group features a rich, full sound and they sound like they’ve been together for years.  There truly isn’t a bad song to be found here!

The country stylings of the upbeat, “LET US NOT GROW WEARY” gets the recording started off right before slowing down slightly for the jazzy feel of “HE’S COMING BACK”, penned by Geron Davis.  Accented by a cool brass section, nicely arranged by Cody McVey, it’s a highlight of the recording.

The tempo slows down for the acoustically driven and thought provoking, “THINGS ONLY GOD CAN DO”, which is a highlight of the recording.  TJ does a tremendous job interpreting the wonderful lyric, “by Your voice the worlds were created, and with Your hand hung the stars in the sky, with Your breath You gave life to this mortal, and I’ll never understand the reason why…how could a heart such as mine stained by sin, receive mercy and sweet amazing grace…these are the things that only God can do.”

Jerry Pilgrim turns in a masterful performance on the bluesy “THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE GRAVE”.  If I was blindly listening to this song, I would have sworn it was the Gaither Vocal Band.  Great job guys!

The tempo picks up for the collaborative efforts of the songwriting team, Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck on the rollicking, “FIVE MINUTES” before things slow down for the power ballad, “THIS SAME JESUS”.  The song is a powerful reminder for the church…”This same Jesus that opened blinded eyes…the one the soldiers pierced His side…the one who died for my sins…this same Jesus is gonna come back again!”

Ricky Capps steps up to sing the nice and easy feel of, “PEACE LIKE A RIVER”.  It’s perfectly tailored for Ricky (one of Southern Gospel’s finest tenors) and a highlight of the recording before moving on to the uptempo Southern Gospel feel of “AT HOME”, written by Rodney Griffin and Jim Brady.

The pace slows back down as TJ sings the emotional, “PRAY THROUGH ME”, which is a powerful prayer in song, “pray through me, Holy Spirit, pray through me when I’m weak, take these lips of clay I humbly pray, and when I don’t have the words to say, pray through me”.  This song provides a special intimate moment with the Father for the listener and will no doubt be a listener favorite.

Reminding us of the Omnipotent power of God, Ricky steps back up and gives an outstanding performance on the song, “BECAUSE I SAID SO” (a really great song that’s been recorded by numerous artists) before the pace picks back up for the Rachel McCutcheon penned, “THE LAST OF THE LAST DAYS”.

David Folenius closes things out with the Annie McRae (remember The McRaes?) penned, “TOOK IT ALL AWAY”.  A tremendous song of faith, it’s an excellent song rounding out this exceptional collection of tunes!

This is a phenomenal recording.  Not only is it the best recording they’ve ever done and the one whereby all other MV recordings will be measured by, it’s going down as one of the best of 2020!  Great song selection and pacing coupled with great arrangements that are flawlessly executed make this a stellar piece of work.  I can’t stop listening to it and it ranks as one of my personal favorites for 2020.  I don’t know how these guys can top this release, but I look forward to hearing them try!

Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Let Us Not Grow Weary**
He’s Coming Back
Things Only God Can Do**
Thinking Outside of the Grave**
Five Minutes
This Same Jesus**
Peace Like a River**
At Home**
Pray Through Me**
Because I Said So**
Last of the Last Days
Took it All Away

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