The Positive Cowboy

2020 Gospel Ministry & COVID-19

Jim Sheldon – The Positive Cowboy

 2020 was off to a wonderful start. Great Spirit Leading and Expectations from Jesus Christ!! Heaven’s Country Radio Cruise from Galveston, Texas in January! Music City Show Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in February!

Music City Quartet with new tenor, Chris Thomas, and new baritone, Mark Thomas, in the studio recording new radio release.

Many dates for The Positive Cowboy, for Music City Quartet and Bev McCann & Friends through spring! Bev McCann & Friends booked 5 weeks Summer Tour!!

Then: COVID-19 happened! Everything came to an abrupt STOP! Staying at home most of spring. Mother was in Hospice Care, not allowed to visit since February! She died April 18. We’re hoping to have memorial service for her in September.

All Dates through summer canceled. I wasn’t allowed to leave Kentucky until May. No way to generate income.

THE POSITIVE: Started weekly Live Videos on Facebook to stay connected and encouraging others. In July begin New Video Series “POSITIVE MOMENTS WITH THE POSITIVE COWBOY” on YouTube!

In mid-April began Taping Live Video Sundays for Morning Worship with Pastor David at Fairview Baptist in Stanford, Kentucky! Now, been providing worship music for Drive-In Sunday Worship for 4 weeks!!

Having wonderful quality time with wife and daughter. Exercised, ate healthy and got much need rest at home!! Kept all my grass mowed and tilled & fenced wife’s garden! I got to do some long-needed spring cleaning of entire home.

Spent much needed time with God Praying & Bible reading !!

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