REVIEW: Villines Trio – Titanic

Producer: Tammy Dunaway
Record Label: Dunaway Music

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The Villines Trio is a relatively new trio to the national stage.  Consisting of brother and sister Landon and Emily, along with their cousin, Hannah, the group has a strong country sound similar to the Dunaways, Jordan Family Band, etc.  These three combine their talents to produce a pleasing country blend, who at times tend to color their vowels with some unique hues, but not enough to detract too much.  Those who are fans of the Dunaways will recognize Landon, as he currently sings with the Dunaways, which he will continue doing so, along with his family group.

Hannah starts things off with the medium tempo, “EMPTY HANDS”.  Written by Tammy Dunaway, the song reminds us of the work we have as a Church, and to not go to Heaven without making someone with us.

Keeping things at a medium tempo, Hannah and Landon share lead duties with the song, “IN HIS EYES”, before Landon sings “THIS AIN’T THE FIRST TIME”.

The tempo finally gets kicked into high gear with, “I COME IN THE NAME OF THE LORD”.  Penned by Becky and Sonja and recorded by the Isaacs several years ago, the group does a really great job with their rendition and it’s a highlight of the recording.

Landon wrote and Emily sings the testimonial, “HANDS OF JESUS”.  Calling us all to be the hands and feet of Jesus, the song is a highlight of the recording, as is the uptempo, “YOU’VE GOT TO FIGHT TO BE A WINNER”.  I love the inclusion of the chorus of “I’m on the Battlefield” as a bridge as well.

The tempo slows back down for the powerful title song, “TITANIC”.  Written by Tammy Dunaway and featuring Hannah, the song is a contrast between the world and Christ, and warning for the world, ”don’t sail the Titanic, come board the Ark”.  The song is the first single from the recording and is a great introduction of this group to radio.

The tempo picks back up for the Pentecostal feel of “IN THE BIBLE WAY”, before Landon steps back up to sing the powerful, “THIS TIME I’M THE ONE”.  We all have those individuals in our life that are prayer warriors and strong in the faith, but this song is written from their perspective in times when they are weak, “this time I’m the one, needing a little grace, this time I’m the one, with the tears rolling down my face, I don’t know what to do, would you place your hand in mine, I’m the one needing prayer this time”.

The recording closes out with a great rendition of the Goodman classic, “THIS IS JUST WHAT HEAVEN MEANS TO ME”.  The song starts with Rev. Dean Caldwell delivering the first couple of verses of Revelations chapter 21 and features his wife, Peggy on the second verse.  The couple is an evangelistic team who are close friends with the family and this song is a highlight of the recording and a fitting close to the recording.

With Tammy Dunaway producing and Landon being a member of the Dunaways, there definitely is a strong Dunaway influence throughout the recording.  But they definitely have an identifiable vocal sound, which sets them apart.  The recording has several strong songs, and all are delivered with a solid, creative passion.  If you like your gospel, country…then check these guys out!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Empty Hands**
In His Eyes
This Ain’t the First Time
I Come in the Name of the Lord**
Hands of Jesus**
You’ve Got to Fight to be a Winner**
In the Bible Way
This Time I’m the One**
This is Just What Heaven Means to Me**

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