REVIEW: Mylon Hayes Family – Home

Producer: Mylon Hayes, Bailey Hayes & Conner Hayes
Record Label: Independent Release

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The Mylon Hayes Family has remained one of the most consistent and classiest groups in our industry.  Since their inception about 8 years ago, they’ve consistently released quality music and have been widely accepted by the industry.  They aren’t flashy, because they don’t need to be.  Their music does the work for them and their track record proves it.  I was excited when I found out they were releasing a new recording, and it met and exceeded all expectations!  Though not intended to be a mainline release, this rises far above many other releases out there today.  Featuring a good mix of old and new songs as well as a few forgotten classics, the common theme running throughout this recording is “Home”…our Heavenly home; and it’s recordings like this that make the journey Home all the more sweeter!

The recording starts off with the lush orchestrations of the worship classic, “HOLY IS THY NAME” before things get kicked into high gear with their rendition of the Cathedrals classic, “HOMELAND”, which features Mylon.

The tempo slows back down for the old Dad Speer classic, “HEAVEN WILL SURELY BE WORTH IT ALL”, and Conner delivers an excellent solo on the second verse, while Wendy beautifully sings the Vep Ellis penned, “LOVE IS WHY”.

“OH, WHAT A DAY” is a highly invigorating number filled with banjos, fiddles and guitars and is a highlight of the recording, as is the beautiful Rebecca Peck penned tune, “NOT AS OTHERS”.  Featuring Kennedy, the song reminds us that when we’ve lost loved ones, “we grieve, but not as others who have no hope, and we cry, but deep inside of us we know, the grave is not the end, reunion lies ahead, in the arms of Jesus there is comfort, yes we grieve, but not as others.”  What a comfort!

Keeping in step with the theme of the recording, Bailey steps up to sing the time-honored favorite, “LAND OF LIVING” and is a highlight of the recording.

Wendy has one of the most pleasing voices in gospel music, and she lends her silky-smooth alto voice to the John W. Peterson classic, “JESUS LED ME ALL THE WAY”.  The song is another highlight of the recording, before the tempo gets kicked back up as Bailey sings the Rodney Griffin penned, “WHEN THAT SEEING MAN SAW”.  This would be a great radio single!

Kennedy steps back up to sing a song she wrote (her first!) along with Rebecca Peck entitled, “OVERWHELMING”.  A simple song of praise, Kennedy delivers a powerful performance as she sings, “You are good and You are holy, working all things for Your glory, sometimes I can’t even comprehend how You are moving and You’re working, my problems you are solving, I don’t even know where to begin, ‘cause you’re so good, its overwhelming”.

A true Southern Gospel classic, the family renders an excellent rendition of “HE’LL HOLD MY HAND” before closing things out with one of my all-time favorite convention classics, “HALLELUJAH, I’M GOING HOME”, which also includes some excellent Shape Note singing.

This recording features the group at their finest; fresh arrangements of older, classic songs as well as breathing life into new ones…no matter what they tackle, you know it’s going to be great!  The overall quality of the recording is superb and is matched by the song selection and arrangements.  This ranks as one of my favorite releases by the group, and I feel, one of the best releases of 2020!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Holy is Thy Name**
Heaven will Surely Be Worth it All
Love is Why
Oh What a Day**
Not as Others**
Land of Living
Jesus Led Me All the Way**
When That Seeing Man Saw**
He’ll Hold my Hand
Hallelujah, I’m Going Home**


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James Hales

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