REVIEW: Greater Vision – The Journey

Producer: Gerald Wolfe & Trey Ivey
Record Label: Daywind Records

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I will admit that when I first heard Greater Vision was releasing yet another “Best of”, “Greatest Hits” type of recording to celebrate their 30th anniversary, I wasn’t impressed.  After all, they have released at least 6 or 7 of these type recordings, and in many cases the same songs are released over and over again, and generally, these types of recording typically don’t do anything for me.  But as more info came out concerning this release, I became more curious and gave it a listen and was thoroughly impressed and I have immensely enjoyed listening to this.  While most of the previously released songs have been re-released several times, Greater Vision took careful consideration to ensure these weren’t just re-done ad nauseum, but were careful to present these song fresh and anew.  Along with 8 classic Greater Vision songs, the group also included 5 brand new songs for us to enjoy; all culminating into one fantastic recording!

With the feel of a musical score for an epic movie, the recording starts off with a musical montage honoring the musical journey of Greater Vision before they kick things off with the only song that hasn’t been included in a “best of” recording, “FOR ALL HE’S DONE”.  Appropriately placed at the beginning, the song starts the recording off giving thanks and praise for the One who has allowed Greater Vision to make the gigantic mark they have made for the Kingdom and the song easily transitions to one of my all-time favorite Greater Vision tunes, “I’VE GOT A LOVE”.  Originally recorded in 1993, the song has been given a musical facelift, and it sounds fantastic!  Greater Vision fans will absolutely adore this arrangement and I’d dare say it could be an excellent radio single!

“YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH” is the first of 5 new songs included here.  Written and featuring Chris Allman, the song reminds us that we’ve all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, and though we’ll never be good enough, Jesus was.

Jon Epley steps up to take the lead on the popular “JUST ONE MORE SOUL”.  While staying close to the original arrangement, Jon adds a new dimension to the song with his performance, which was originally recorded with Gerald Wolfe taking the lead back in 1999.

The tempo picks up a bit as Rodney Griffin sings the self-penned, “WALKIN’ ON THE WATER THAT HE MADE”, which is another new song, before Chris steps back up to sing one of my personal favorite Greater Vision tunes, “I COULD NEVER PRAISE HIM ENOUGH”.

When listing Greater Vision’s greatest hits, “MY NAME IS LAZARUS” always lands near the top of the list, and here the guys turn in an excellent rendition before the tempo slows back down for one of their more obscure hit songs, “IT PAYS TO PRAY”.

Chris steps back up to sing the country feel of “SONGS OF GRACE”, which is my favorite new song on this recording.  I hope this makes it to radio, as it’s a great song that a lot of people can easily relate to…”I love songs of grace because I need it, songs of mercy bless my soul because He showed it unto me, when I hear someone sing of how He died to pay sin’s cost, I’m overwhelmed because he did that just for me.”

Jon steps back up to sing his self-penned song of praise, “YOU ARE MY KING” before Rodney steps up to sing another one of my personal favorite Greater Vision classics, “FACES”.  The visual this song always creates in my mind is overwhelming and humbling.

Chris sings a favorite from 2002, “WITH ALL THE MANY MIRACLES”, before Rodney closes out the recording with the final new song, “START WITH WELL DONE”.  A very appropriate closing song to sum up a 30 year legacy (and still going), I believe the song speaks the sentiment of their heart…“only two words will fulfill me when I see His face…when this life is over and the next one’s begun, I want it to start with well done!”  This will no doubt be a Greater Vision favorite for years to come.

Greater Vision has had an impressive 30-year journey, and still going strong.  This latest release is a very classy, well done representation of Greater Vision and their 30-year journey.  The group of today turns in excellent performances on some of their finest songs and delivers a few soon to be classics that are both memorable and lyrically strong.  Ironically, this “best of” recording could go down as one of the best recordings for 2021 and could also deliver a couple of the best new songs for the year as well!


Track Listing:
(stars denote personal favorites)

Overture (The Journey)
For All He’s Done**
I’ve Got a Love**
You’re Not Good Enough
Just One More Soul**
Walkin’ on the Water That He Made
I Could Never Praise Him Enough**
My Name is Lazarus**
It Pays to Pray
Songs of Grace**
You Are My King
With All the Many Miracles
Start with Well Done**

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