Michael Combs Ministry Reaches Beyond Where He Thinks

Todd, North Carolina (March 23, 2021) It’s an amazing thing when your ministry reaches places and people that you never dreamed you would be reaching. So it was with Michael Combs.

Michael has released many albums and CDs and he continuously prays that God will use them to touch hurting souls. Robbie Scarbough Jr., was one of those people. This is from Robbie’s Aunt Shirley to Michael Combs as she took a post from Facebook: “Bro Robbie Scarbrough sang Michael Combs song “Drinking from my Saucer” yesterday at church. .. Look below, do you see over 17,000 views so far – Do you see how far Blessings will travel? I sent you snippet of my nephew who is paralyzed from the neck down from falling off a roof 20years ago and today he sang your song in church and was amazing just wanted you to see him and know how much your music means to him! Shirley Lybrand”

Robbie not only does a fantastic rendition of Michael’s songs, but God has also blessed him in many other ways. Although Robbie was paralyzed from the neck down and had no use of his hands or arms, he rendered beautiful paintings using only his mouth and a paintbrush. 

 Michael said this of Robbie in February 2019, “Remember our Dear Friend Robbie? check this out – He is in the papers. He sings “Drinking From My Saucer” and does a great job. Thought I would share a few extra pics too. We love Bro Robbie. He has sure been a blessing to us. Michael met him a couple of years ago. Please remember him in prayer. Now isn’t God something how He can gift a man that cannot use his hands to write – but uses his mouth to draw so beautifully. Robbie even went hunting yesterday and got 2 deer. Robbie Scarborough you are a true inspiration.”

Unfortunately Robbie went home to be with the Lord, just one month ago. Michael stated, “The testimony and life of such a unique individual is one that has touched my life in a way that I will never forget.”
This is just an example of how the life and ministry of Michael Combs affects the lives of people in many different places in many different ways.

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