Joseph Habedank Releases Change Is Coming

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (APRIL 30, 2021) — The highly anticipated album from Joseph HabedankChange Is Coming, is available today.

The first single from the album, “Religion Isn’t Working,” released to radio at the beginning of April, and is quickly climbing the charts. 

Director of Artist and Label Relations for Daywind Music Group, Dusty Wells, shares “This new project, Change Is Coming, will be a career album for Joseph. It’s the record he was destined to make. The songs and heart behind it will challenge, encourage, and motivate listeners into a new place with Jesus. I am so proud of Joseph for stepping out and bringing us music that will certainly comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. After all, that is what we are all called to do.”

“The topics I chose to address when writing this record are very near and dear to my heart,” says Joseph. “I encourage listeners to truly listen to the lyrics and the message behind each song, because something is on the horizon… change is coming.”

“This song grabs the listener in what sounds like a shocking statement.  Once you hear the sentiment of the song, I think every Christian has felt this way.  It gets beyond the pomp and circumstance and goes straight to our relationship with Jesus.  It is a reminder that we all need.”-Greg Goodman, host of the Singing News Top Twenty Weekly Countdown
“The topics that Joseph Habedank deal with on this new record may not be new, but he brings perspectives that are refreshing and awe-inspiring.”-Christian Voice Magazine
“The album’s most arresting track is the record’s lead single “Religion Isn’t Working.” This power-ballad speaks of how a man’s frustrations with the pretence of religion comes to a breaking point. Longing for something that is real, Habedank’s dramatic unfailing of the song’s emotions deserves multiple standing ovations.”-Timothy Yap, Jubilee Cast

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