Rick Alan King Releases Reminders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (MAY 8, 2021) The long awaited recording from Rick Alan KIng, Reminders, is now available.

The first single released is “I Still Believe in Jesus,” on the Millenium Music Group compilation disk.This song is getting incredible response in concert.

Rick truly believes this is his best work. All the songs on “Reminders” were picked by Rick and Lana in hope that we are “reminded” of the message in every song on this project. Friends such as Donnie Sumner and Chris Latham (producers), Gary Prim, Jeff Duffield, and Troy and Katy Peach each played a vital role with “Reminders.” 

“I love this song. Great song, great vocals and amazing track. “I Still Believe in Jesus,” is going to do great for us at radio.”  -Randall Wilds, Christian Voice Magazine

“We are very excited about Rick’s new project “Reminders” and his new release “I Still Believe in Jesus.” Rick’s music has blessed the listening audience of WJCR 90.1 FM for many years! We love and appreciate him and his wife Lana.”  -Don Powell, WJCR Radio 90.1 FM

“I want to congratulate my long time friend Rick Alan King on the release of his new project, “Reminders.” Two years in the making! I believe this is his best work yet and those who hear it will surely be blest.”  -Becky Short, The Davis Family.

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Rick for over 15 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his new projects, always coming up with something better and better. This project is just one of them. You can feel the energy and passion that he’s put into it and you know it comes from his heart. Rick’s new CD is a must-have.”  -Tom Sabella, The Business Side of Music 

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