Mike Holcomb Takes Extended Leave From Old Time Preachers Quartet

Nashville, TN (July 8, 2021)Effective immediately, Old Time Preachers Quartet bass vocalist, Mike Holcomb is taking an extended leave of absence from the group. 

OTPQ Manager, Les Butler states, “Mike has been traveling, spreading the good news in sermon and song for nearly 50 years.  Once the Covid restrictions started to lift, Mike’s personal preaching schedule really filled up.  All the members of the Old Time Preachers QT put a premium on the preached word.  It’s been increasingly difficult to do it all.”

Butler continues, “this is an extended leave.  Mike will always be welcomed to return at any time.  When this status changes, either direction, we will let everyone know.  Mike has been, and will be, the only bass vocalist the OTPQ will have as a fourth member.  You can replace vocalists, but you can’t replace legends.  And that’s what Mike Holcomb is, a legend!  Adam Borden, Tim Owens, and I will continue to do our dates as a trio.  I have personally spoken to nearly 100% of the pastors and promoters we have on the schedule for the remainder of 2021 and they have all been very supportive.  All dates remain and we’re thankful for that.”

Butler concludes, “pray for Mike as he continues to spread the Gospel message.  And pray for the trio as we do the same.”

For more information, please contact Les Butler by emailing

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