I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

“I Don’t Know About Tomorrow” is a great older Gospel song from back in the 1950s.

The chorus goes like this:

Many things about tomorrow,

I don’t seem, to understand,

But, I know who holds tomorrow,

And I know, who holds my hand.

How many of us have faced things “tomorrow” that we never saw coming today. If tomorrow is never promised, then what’s happening tomorrow certainly cannot be predicted.

This past weekend my lovely wife Tammie and I decided to spend the afternoon together driving up to a Mennonite community not far from here. We both had a hankering for some some really good cheese that they sell. They have some cheddar cheese there that is well worth the drive, plus they have some cinnamon licorice there that mouth watering good. So, we get in the car and head out. While on our way, we come to a three way stop and while sitting at the stop sign we are rear-ended.

Tammie and I both suffered whiplash and ended up at the hospital being checked out. While we were planning on spending the afternoon together in the Mennonite community enjoying some sights and some shopping, we ended up spending our afternoon in the Emergency Room. We were both told by the Doctor that nothing was broken, but that we would both certainly be sorely for quite a while. Well, he wasn’t lying about that.

Getting back to my subject. On Friday we had no idea that our plans for Saturday would be changed and there was nothing we could do about it. We didn’t know it, but God did and He kept holding our hands through everything.

We all make the best plans that we can, but only God knows what tomorrow holds, but we can rest assured that the God we serve is going to be there, tomorrow, holding our hand no matter what we are going through.

Your tomorrow may hold inconvenience and pain as ours did, or it may hold tragedy and severe pain, but the same God will be holding your hand, taking care of you no matter what you face.

Deon Unthank

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