REVIEW: Jim & Melissa Brady – Ever Faithful

Producer: Jim Brady & Jason Webb
Record Label: Daywind Records

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Jim and Melissa Brady have recently released their sophomore album with Daywind Records, “Ever Faithful”. To say this project is one of the best releases in 2020 would be a mere understatement. Let’s dive in…

The new record kicks off with the worshipful, upbeat anthem “To The King”, co-written with producer and session musician, Jason Webb. This pop-themed worship song is the perfect opener and a solid invitation to the Holy Spirit of God.

Following is “Welcome”, a ballad with humble lyrics inviting the sinner and the saint to come and take their place in the presence of Jesus Christ. I imagine this song will heal a lot of hurting people, especially in church settings. Two other mention worthy ballads ballads are “Jesus Stays”, a song reminding us of the constant friendship of our Savior in a world of fair-weathered friends – and “He Will Carry You”, which invites the believer to fall into the gentle arms of Jesus.

“Good Things” is an upbeat song of encouragement to the believer, motivating us to keep believing God has nothing but good things in store for the people of the Lord. It screams radio. Speaking of… the current single “Thunder” is a fun song, reminding us of all the ways God speaks and moves.

The title cut “Ever Present, Ever Faithful” is nearly a modern hymn with a sweet lyric portraying the constant faithfulness of God, even in times of deep sorrow. Beautiful to the core.

“Covered” is another swingy upbeat song, talking about the power of the blood of Jesus. We are reminded through this song that no shame, guilt or circumstance can shake the power or sustaining strength of the blood of Jesus. I’ll be utterly shocked if this isn’t the next radio single.

“When We All Get Home” closes the new project out, and rightfully so. Lyrics like “stronger than heartache and pain is the promise of hope” remind us that our eternal hope far outweighs our temporary suffering. One of the greatest Heaven songs I’ve heard ina. While.

Jim and Melissa, along with the brilliant help of Jason Webb and Daywind Records, have released what I believe to be one of the top 3 releases for 2021. Incredible lyrics, arrangements, tracks, mixes and beautiful performances. This is a project I’ll be enjoying for quite a while. And you should too.

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Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson is an up and coming songwriter with Crossroads Music Publishing and rising artist in his own right. A passion for God's kingdom and His people lights his path at almost 19 years of age. Matthew currently resides in Monroe, North Carolina.
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