REVIEW: Lynda Randle – Pilgrim Journey

Producer: Cindy Morgan
Label: Gaither Music Group

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When I was asked to review Lynda Randle’s newest project entitled Pilgrim Journey, I didn’t know what to expect.  I have heard Lynda perform on several Gaither homecoming projects but have never really listened to much of her music otherwise.

According to the brief description of the album it blends elements of Gospel, soul, blues and Americana which made me more curious as to what I would hear.  I must say that it was the most unusual project I have ever listened to.  

There are 11 songs listed on the album cover but four of those are between 40 and 55 seconds.  This project has some of the most fantastic orchestrations that I have heard especially on the first two or three songs.

The project begins with a short prologue entitled “Oh Lord.”  It sets the tone for the project and has that great music that I mentioned.  Coupled with Lynda’s signature style makes it a great intro to the rest of the project.  The first song is “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me”.  It features the music of GRAMMY Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Tommy Sims.  It was probably my favorite and the music along with Lynda’s vocals will make this one of your favorites also.           

“Can You Hear Me Praying” is the next of the short vocals, and it is one of the most powerful questions we could ask.  It leads into the next offering, “My Feet May Be Tired” and then the short song, “My Soul Is Troubled”.  As you can see, Lynda is painting a story of our Christian walk.  Our feet may be tired and our soul troubled, but we know that God can hear our prayers and help us through the turmoil. 

“Plenty Good Room” is the first single from the project and is already appearing on many Christian music platforms.  It is a powerful song that is a classic Lynda Randle style song. The next song is “Give Me Jesus”.  She is joined by Kimberly Schlappman of the country group Little Big Town.  They combine to give a great performance. “Arms Strong and Mighty” is the final short song, and I think it is the best one.  The music is simply brilliant.  It reminds me of a version of Amazing Grace that I have heard before.

The next two songs are medleys.  The first is “Motherless Child,” and Lynda does an excellent job on this song.  The other one is “Freedom Medley”.  It begins with the classic “Nobody Knows the Trouble I See,” and then Lynda goes right into “Oh Freedom Over Me.” 

The last song on the album is “Oh Lord,” and it has each of those short songs as part of this offering.  I think it is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard.  Those four little songs are all part of this final song, and that was a surprise for me.  It is the first time I have ever heard of that in any kind of project, and it is an outstanding song that is a tremendous ending of a project that seems like it is a very personal one for Lynda.               

Lynda Randle fans will love this album that blends different elements of music.

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