REVIEW: Siler Family – There’s Always Hope

Producer: Scotty Inman
Record Label: Penn Street Records/Main Street Music & Entertainment

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I love listening to family groups sing.  I heard many of them on the radio and in person.  When I downloaded and started listening to the latest offering from The Siler Family, it was the first time I had ever anything from them.  The family is dad, Toby, mom, Christi, and twins, Jewel and Jarrod. I was very pleased with the offerings I heard.  They have wonderful harmony and want to hear more from them.

Their latest offering is entitled There’s Always Hope, and it is an excellent mix of upbeat songs as well as slower ones but each has a powerful message in them.  They have included songs from great songwriters like Joseph Habedank, Ricky Atkinson, the late Dianne Wilkinson and others and the project is produced by Scotty Inman. 

The first song is “God Is Greater” and features Jewel on lead. It is upbeat and a perfect song to lead the project off.    It lets you know that no matter how great the problem you face, we can say “Greater is He That is in Me”

Toby sings the solo on the next offering entitled “So Close”.  No matter what you may be going through you as the song says must always have hope and have some faith.  And as it continues “you’re so close.  This could be the day.  Just let go and fall into his Grace.”  Some powerful words for all of us to follow.

The family’s first radio single from the project is the next song.  Written by Ricky Atkinson and featuring Jarrod and Jewel, it is “Jesus Can”.  This was my favorite song.  Not just because it was a slow ballad style but the message is so strong.  There are so many times that we see those around hurting and we just want to “fix it”.  As a parent, I have never wanted to see my sons hurting.  The words of this song has rung so true for me over a trial that my family has experienced this last year but through it all we realized how much Jesus Can take charge of it if we just let call upon him in prayer.

Jewel is featured again on another upbeat offering entitled “Said He Would and He Will.”  It is another song of hope and tells us to have patience.  We should pray unceasing until as the lyrics say, “God Does What He Does, Said He Would and He Will.”  Another great promise about God.

Toby again steps up on the next song, “God Help Me”.  We all have our shortcomings, things we don’t think we can do even if we want to but as the words of this song encourage us with those simple words, “God Help Me’.  Let me the man or woman that I can be.

The kids sing together on the next song, a simple straight forward offering called “I Believe God.”  I believe God, I believe His Word is True, is one line of the song.  No matter what the world may say, we can believe God and that is all we need.

The last song on the project is one which could be viewed as a Christian’s theme song.  “House of The Lord” is an anthem for just not only those who minister in song but for all believers.  The words of the chorus “We Sing to the God who heals, we sing to the God who saves, we sing to the God who always makes a way.”  A lot of Christians may be able to sing well enough to stand in front of an audience like the Siler Family do all the time but they can still sing praises to God in their hearts.  They can sing to, as the song says, sing to the one who died and rose and is still rolling stones away today.

As you can tell I really enjoyed listening to this family.  In preparing for this review, I also watched one of their recent concerts and would love to hear and see them in person.  They are a very talented family and this recording is a winner in my opinion. 

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