REVIEW: The Sound – God Is Real

Producer: Barry Weeks
Record Label: New Day Records

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The Sound has definitely been making a huge splash on the SG stage, and beyond, since they hit the big stage a few short years ago. Since their inception, this family group consisting of dad, Rob Mills and 2 sons, Levi and Jacob, has steadily been making a forward march to a more progressive style and gaining a broader audience as they go. With this latest effort, they have put together an outstanding recording that features mostly songs written by the group along with other co-writers including Barry Weeks, Jimmy Yeary, Tony Wood, Sue Smith, Nick Schwarz and Bryan White. It’s a very country/progressive sounding recording that reminds me of such bands as 33 Miles or Austin’s Bridge.

The country lighthearted feel of “JEANS AND JESUS”, written by brothers Levi and Jacob, gets the recording off and running, reminding us to be thankful for the little things in life and leads perfectly into another upbeat tune, “I DIDN’T FIND JESUS”. Written by the brothers along with Jimmy Yeary, the song is written around the fact that Jesus can be found in the most everyday places and things, and that He’ll go out of His way to find you, even when you aren’t looking for Him.

The tempo slows down slightly for the reflective, “NEVER NOT GOD”, which is something I can easily see being played on K-LOVE. I love the lyric to the song as it reminds us that “He’s never not faithful, He’s never not kind, He’s never not perfect, He’s never not on time, He’s never been defeated, and He’ll never be stopped…He’s never not God!”

The title song, “GOD IS REAL”, slows the tempo further and makes the bold proclamation in an age of uncertainty and “fake news”…“I know that God is real, and His glory is revealed in the hearts of everyone who just believes, He still saves and changes lives, and there’s no way to deny…God is real”. Written by the group along with their producer, Barry Weeks and Sue Smith, it’s a highlight of the recording and will definitely resonate well with the listener.

The tempo picks back up for the song, “ALL THINGS”, which, as the title implies, is written on the scripture from Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

The guitar driven ballad, “PEACE IS” slows things down and is written on the notion that even in the worst of times, as believers in Christ, we have a peace that passes all understanding, before the tempo picks back up for the enjoyable, “STANDING WITH YOU”.

As a kid who had praying parents and being the dad of two girls, I can definitely relate to the song, “PRAYERS MY PARENTS PRAYED”, and it’s one of my personal favorites. No doubt this song will speak to the hearts of parents and kids alike.

“ETERNITY” picks up the pace and is a fun song of praise before the recording closes out with the soothing and reflective, “SOMETHING ‘BOUT A RIVER”, which was written by Jeff Bumgardner, Jason Cox and Kenna Turner West. This acoustically driven tune would be an excellent song for a concept video.

Most diehard traditional male quartet fans may not enjoy the music of The Sound, but that’s okay…there’s room for them on the gospel stage. I loved the sound and feel of their last recording, but this one has a different vibe to it that leans more towards a Progressive Country sound, which I think is probably more in tune with who they are. I have to mention the cover shot, as I love the crisp outdoor shot of the guys against the blue sky. The Sound outdid themselves with this one, and as the cover shot reveals, the sky is the limit!


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James Hales

James Hales, from Durham, North Carolina, has been a writer for since 2000. James is our featured reviewer and also contributes to monthly features periodically.
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