REVIEW: 3 Heath Brothers – Into the Deep

Producer: Roger Talley
Record Label: Horizon Records/Crossroads Music Group

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Nicolas, Clayton and Christian Heath have just released their newest project Into The Deep.  Possibly released to coincide with Shark week, the album title and cover artwork features the trio diving into the ocean.  As stated on the back of the CD, “Some of these songs are serious and some are fun.  Whether you are young or old, we hope this record encourages your heart…and inspires you to pursue a deeper relationship with God”.  Roger Talley is the producer of the project, which has an emphasis on youthful energy and an appreciation for contemporary sounds. In other words, this is not your traditional Southern Gospel that your parents played on the Hi-Fi.

“Into The Deep”, the title cut, starts out with a new age sounding intro and then goes to a club dance beat with tons of synthesizers and heavy drums.  Great lyrics, but overshaded by the pop sounds of the instruments. “It’s Not About Us” is a slow ballad with a slight beat.  The brother’s great harmonies shine as they convey it’s all about Jesus and not us.

“Love Your Neighbor” starts out acapella then kicks into a happy go lucky song.  I could see this as a single release in the future. “Let Me Introduce You To Jesus” is a slow song relating to someone who is hurting and feeling worthless.  The song goes on to say that Jesus can take all your broken pieces and put them back together again.

Eternity was changed when a sinless man was hung on a cross and bore our sins.  “Love Won” brings you back to the events surround the death and resurrection of Jesus. The sixth song on the project is “I Will Not Bow Down.” Again there are great lyrics and harmonies by the guys, but they are both overshadowed the progressive sound of the instruments.

Confessing my selfish ways and asking the Lord to “Take All Of Me” is a nice ballad causing you to search your heart to see if you have done your best for Jesus. “Ever Since” relates to the time a person asks Christ into their heart and the desire to worship the Lord since that milestone happened.

For someone who needs an answer and is searching for freedom, the song reminds us “It Ain’t Over Yet” until God says it’s over. Another acapella song, “Oh Glorious Love,” the classic hymn, show off the great harmonies and vocal blending the family members are known for.

The last song on the project is “Jesus Is Coming Back” is a song better labeled as Contemporary Christian than Southern Gospel.  In the middle of the song, originally the guys were to sing a couple of lines from Andre Crouch’s “Soon, And Very Soon,” but due to a last minute change, that part was dropped and in its place, spoken words are inserted.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of artists talking on a song when they could have sung it.

Overall, I don’t see these songs hitting the top of the Southern Gospel charts.  For those that like their music a little pop sounding, you definitely want to Dive into this one.


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