REVIEW: The Frosts – Love Like That

Producer: Kent Wells
Record Label: Independent Release

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The Frosts are a family group of performers from Branson, Missouri. Michael Jason Frost is the lead vocalist, father, husband, and songwriter of the group. Other members include his wife Jen, and their daughter Jael. The Frosts album Love Like That consists of 10 songs all from the pen of Michael Jason Frost with a few cowrites, but every song was written by him.

The album opens with a song called “Because of God’s Grace.” Upon first listen, it evoked that same feeling you get listening to Andraé Crouch. The lyric and chord structure is reminiscent of that. “God’s Gonna Give You a Testimony” features each member, and there is no denying one word. To sum up this family: SOUL. WOW! What a lyric and what a delivery! The title track “Never Seen Love Like That” is a beautiful song, and that bridge and modulation is a highlight. The album just got started!

“Those Who Have Not Seen” is a fun take on the common beatitude. It’s a very catchy melody. “Imperfect People” is one of those songs that hits you where you feel it. “God loves to love imperfect people…all throughout history God uses those like you and me. In His eyes we’re all created equal. God loves to love imperfect people.” I think that just sums it all up. Now it’s time to go to church. “Joy Has Come At Last” is a fun song, complete with B3, some great piano licks and that kick drum!

“The Altar and the Cross” speaks of how the altar and the cross are such life changing moments in the Christian experience. Such a beautiful lyric that’s one thing. I have to say that about every song on this album. Michael Jason Frost captures emotion so well. “God Has Got This” is such a phrase we all find ourselves using constantly. I like that a song has been written using that phrase. Having a family member in the armed forces “Isn’t It Enough That He Died” is a beautiful song with such parallels between a soldier and the Savior. What a great lyric! The final song on this album is a very nice surprise: “Angels Are Near.” I don’t want to spoil it for you. You have to listen to it. It’s a fantastic way to close this album. Do yourself a favor and put this one on repeat one more time before you finish listening.

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