REVIEW: Booth Brothers – Take Another Step

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Record Label: Independent Release

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For years now the “sound” of the Booth Brothers has been identifiable by a distinctive blend anchored by the smooth harmonies and stylings of Ronnie and Michael Booth that have resulted in many awards and accolades later. The sound has remained the same, but now begins a new era. When Ronnie Booth announced his retirement, many were wondering how would the Booth Brothers sound without Ronnie’s lead vocals? This newest album gives us that answer. Stepping into the “lead shoes” is none other than Buddy Mullins and in the Baritone spot? Michael didn’t have to look far, he brought back “honorary” Booth brother Jim Brady.

Starting off this album is a song from the pen of Jim Brady.  “Here in This Place” sets the mood for the entire project. The first stand out track is “For God So Loved,” which has a catchy melody and arrangement that your church could easily be singing on any given Sunday morning. Fantastic! Buddy’s first feature is the Dallas Holm classic “Rise Again.” It’s a good delivery, and the harmonies from the “brothers” are nice.

I have always loved the lyrics of “I Am Loved,” and Michael communicates this one with precision. The Steven Curtis Chapman catalog is some of the best CCM music ever. “His Strength is Perfect” is just one of those songs that you instantly know it and can sing along. Speaking of Steven Curtis Chapman, the next song and title track is another classic “Take Another Step.” This sounds like the Booth Brothers are recording it for the first time.

When the Perry’s recorded “Almost Morning” back in 2009, Joseph Habedank wrote that title track and I believe it to be one of his best. For the longest time, it has remained largely unknown. Until now. I love the fact that the Booth Brothers have covered this song. Michael’s delivery of this song is absolutely incredible. I almost dare say it rivals the original. Definitely a highlight. The Booth Brothers have always had a knack for adding smooth harmonies to classic hymns and giving them a fresh take. The Robert Lowry classic “Shall We Gather at the River” gets that treatment featuring Jim on the verses. I have only one thing to say about the next song. I seriously hope “Sing Wherever I Go” is released as a single, because this is the kind of song that fans of the Booth Brothers have come to expect. “Even If” closes the album with Buddy leaving his heart wide open. Such a beautiful reflective song. 

So did it sound like the Booth Brothers? I think so. When big personnel changes come a lot of people ask what’s next? Well I think the Booth Brothers are still going strong. What about since this is an album of all covers? Doesn’t matter! This is a strong album from start to finish. You definitely want to check it out!


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