REVIEW: Mylon Hayes Family – Steady & Sure

Producer: Trey Ivey
Record Label: Independent Release

10 years ago, we were introduced to the Mylon Hayes Family.  Mylon Hayes traveled for years with his mom, dad and sisters as the Hayes Family.  When the group retired, Mylon began carrying on the Hayes Family legacy with his wife, Wendy and their 3 children, Bailey, Conner and Kennedy as the Mylon Hayes Family, and we have literally watched their kids grow into teenagers and young adults over the past 10 years.  As the group’s sound as grown and matured, they’ve become one of the most popular mixed group in Southern Gospel Music, and they are keeping the old sound alive, while also integrating the newer sounds of today into their music.  I’ve called them the modern day “Speer Family” and with this latest release, they prove that after 10 years on the road, they are “Steady and Sure” and have presented us with one of their best recordings ever!

With its highly orchestrated track, the recording starts off with an older Daryl Williams tune entitled, “CARRY THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL” and the song fits the Mylon Hayes Family perfectly.  I am glad to see this song see the light of day again, as it’s a great song and a nice start to a classy recording.

With 3 strikes on the steel guitar, the tempo slows down as Mylon sings, “I STAND WITH THE CROSS”.  Written by Joseph Habedank and Sue Smith, with its classic Goodman feel, it’s easily one of my favorites from the recording and Mylon does a great job on the song as well.

As the tempo slows down further, Wendy and Kennedy step up to sing the Rebecca Peck penned power ballad, “WHEN I COME TO THE CROSS” before the tempo picks back up for the jazzy, brass infused, “JUST AS SURE”, which is the first single from the recording.  Featuring Kennedy, it’s a fun song and should do very well for the group.

With its simple piano intro, Bailey sings the unassuming Rodney Griffin/Tony Wood penned, “JESUS LOVES YOU”.  Rodney recently shared on Facebook the story behind this tender song, and it makes the song all the more special, reminding us of how much Jesus truly loves us and it’s a highlight of the recording.

Conner is featured next on the black gospel feel of “NOTHING IN THE WORLD”.  I love the feel of the song and the faith found in the lyric…”Nothing in the world can ever separate us, from the love of God or His only son Jesus, no power on earth can come between me and the Lord, nothing in the world can take us from His hand, nothing in the world can keep us like He can, nothing compares to the love that we share…nothing in the world”.

Kennedy is featured on the dramatic feel of “THE WITNESS STAND” before the tempo picks up for the country feel of “THE CROSS HE CARRIED”, which features Conner.

The easy going, “ALWAYS GOOD TO ME”, is a wonderful song of praise that features Wendy.  Written by Rachel McCutcheon, the song is a good reminder that He is always there for us, and He will never leave nor forsake us.

Bailey is featured next on another Rebecca Peck penned tune, “COME AND SEE”.  With its Easter theme, it’s a great song of triumph before the group churns out a wonderful convention type song “THERE’S GONNA BE A MEETING”.  Written by Marty and Ann Phillips (the same writers of the classic, “What a Meeting”), the song is a great inclusion for the recording and is one of my personal favorites from the recording.

The tempo slows back down as Wendy sings the acoustic feel of the Rebecca Peck/Dianne Wilkinson penned, “IF IT’S NOT YOUR WILL”.  Wendy’s warm alto vocals, coupled with the encouraging lyric of the song makes it a highlight of the recording.

 I find it rather appropriate that when they released their first recording, they started with the Gordon Jensen classic, “Bigger Than Any Mountain”, and they close out this 10th anniversary release with another timely and timeless Gordon Jensen classic, “REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH”.  Featuring Mylon, the song also includes bits of the songs, “It Will Be Worth it All” and “When Redeemed I Stand”, before the song reaches its crescendo, “Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky, lift up your head…redemption draweth nigh!”  In these times that we live in, it’s such a powerfully encouraging song to close out this recording!

The Mylon Hayes Family are truly a class act and have always put out top quality music.  This latest release ranks as one of their finest recordings to date, and features a long list of strong songs with deep lyrics, exciting arrangements and stellar singing by one of Southern Gospel’s brightest stars.  The future is bright, and they are “Steady and Sure” in their faith and their music, and all engines are full speed ahead for the Mylon Hayes Family!


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James Hales

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