REVIEW: Southbound – Lost & Found

Producer: Clint Brown & Barry Weeks
Record Label: Daywind Records

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Back in 2021, just as the effects of the pandemic was starting to ease off, this group hit the scene, and all seemed right with the world.  I have been a fan of these guys since day one and have been anxiously awaiting a new recording.  Consisting of Clint Brown, Seth Elbe and Jody Braselton, the guys pick up where they left off and created an excellent recording filled with lots of new songs, and with just a couple of cover tunes mixed in.  While the group is marketed as Contemporary Southern Gospel, they lean very heavily towards a mainstream country feel akin to that of The Sound.

The recording starts off with the feel good, electric guitar driven “LIFE WORTH LIVING”.  With its strong country beat and encouraging message, it sets the tone for the recording before the tempo backs off a bit for the title song, “LOST AND FOUND”.  Featuring Clint Brown, with harmonica accents, it has a distinct soulful/country feel, and should do very well for the group.  I love the lyric as it beautifully depicts the transformation from the old life to the new…“now I’m a member of the lost and found, the Lord took his pen and wrote my name down, the man that I once was is not the man now, everything is better, He claimed me forever, a member of the lost and found”.

The country balladry feel of the heartfelt, “MIDDLE OF NOWHERE” is a great song reminding us that He will never leave nor forsake us and He always meets us “in the middle of nowhere”, before the tempo picks up for the CCM cover of the CAIN hit, “YES HE CAN”, which the guys perform flawlessly.

Featuring a lively electric guitar track and organ accents, “HIS LOVE”, is a country/blues sounding tune that is fun to listen to and crank up the volume on.  It’s one of those songs that rank high on the “feel good” meter and should be a fan favorite!

Slowing the tempo down a bit, “TIME AND JESUS” reminds us that healing takes time and because…“life’s not easy and it get’s tough…but He gives strength to those who wait, there’s just some things that’s gonna take just a little time and a whole lotta Jesus”.

Featuring a nice string section, “MORNING MERCIES” is a wonderful song offering a moment of quiet and reflective worship.  The song is a highlight of the recording and one of my personal favorites, as we are reminded that His mercies are fresh and new each day!

With its pulsating beat, the mood changes a bit for the Ryan Edgar cover, “SOMEBODY TESTIFY”, which makes me think of the Brian Free & Assurance hit, “Say Amen”.  This encouraging song will definitely be a great one to sing in concert, and will no doubt be a fan favorite.

The rollicking “NOTHING HE CAN’T DO” ramps things up with its blaring guitars, banjo, strong beat and invigorating feel before the tempo slows back down for the reflective feel of “YESTERDAY”.  Written from a unique perspective, the song reminds us to make the most of the time we have here on this earth…“There’s no brand-new adventures when looking at old pictures, when you have memories left to make, time’s a thing you can’t borrow, here today and gone tomorrow, you don’t have a second to waste living in yesterday”.

I love the 80’s vibe of “IT WAS YOU”, which leads perfectly into the worshipful, “YOU ARE GOD”.  Both songs conclude the recording with a focus on God and bringing everything back to Him.

Sophomore recordings are always so difficult for a lot of artists.  You’ve made your mark with your first release, and you work so hard trying to duplicate and surpass the success of that first release.  I’ve seen it happen so often where many artists miss the mark with their 2nd release.  Bringing in Barry Weeks as producer definitely gave this recording a bit more edge than their first recording, and while “Lost and Found” is definitely more mainstream sounding, it shows that these guys have so much more to offer and are a breath of fresh air.

Some of my personal favorites from this recording are “Lost and Found”, “His Love”, “Time and Jesus”, “Morning Mercies” and “Somebody Testify”, among others.  It’s a fantastic recording and while it’s still early in the year, it’s definitely one of the best releases for 2023 so far.

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James Hales

James Hales, from Durham, North Carolina, has been a writer for since 2000. James is our featured reviewer and also contributes to monthly features periodically.
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