REVIEW: Kingdom Heirs – Something Good, Vol. 3

Producer: Arthur Rice
Record Label: Sonlite Records/Crossroads Music Group

The Kingdom Heirs have done it again with their latest album, Something Good, Volume 3. This album serves as a fantastic send-off for long-time bass singer Jeff Chapman, as well as tenor Jacob Ellison, who are leaving the group. With this being said, it’s clear that the Kingdom Heirs put their heart and soul into this album, and it truly shows.

The album is produced by Arthur Rice, another long standing member of the group, and it’s recorded on the Crossroads label. The production quality is top-notch, and the sound is crystal clear, which is essential for an album that has such a diverse range of instruments and vocal harmonies.

The Kingdom Heirs have always been known for their rich harmonies, and this album is no exception. The vocal blend is just as tight as ever, and the group’s harmonies are a standout feature throughout the album. The album features a variety of styles, from upbeat gospel tracks to slower ballads, and the Kingdom Heirs handle them all with ease.

The first big moment is the Larry Galtin penned “The Cross Has Won Again” which was such a unique song when The Kingsmen recorded it back in the early 90s. It’s great to hear it brought back. 

One of the highlights of the album is Jeff Chapman’s solo track, “When He Reached Down His Hand for Me” which showcases his deep, soulful bass vocals. The entire arrangement of this song is spectacular. The other members of the group also shine on their respective tracks,and Loren Harris in particular on new recordings of his past Perrys’ songs “Royal Descendant” and “He Will Hide Me.” There’s just something special about Loren Harris’ voice and a Kyla Rowland lyric.

Pianist Andy Stringfield also deserves a special mention for his incredible piano playing, which is prominent throughout the album. His skill and versatility add an extra layer of depth to the already impressive arrangements. 

Tenor Jacob Ellison shines on a very stripped down and reflective version of “Movin’ Up to Gloryland.” That first verse is so creative and another great moment.  Plus, the song “Glory Road” is always a tenor highlight. 

Overall, Something Good, Volume 3 is a fitting tribute to Jeff Chapman and Jacob Ellison, and it’s a testament to the Kingdom Heirs’ talent and dedication. Fans of gospel music and tight harmonies won’t be disappointed with this album, and it’s sure to be a favorite among Kingdom Heirs fans for years to come.

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