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Steve Stern Headshot.webp

Steve Stern
CEO of

Steve Bannon
War Room

Mike Lindell
CEO MyPillow

General Flynn

Michele Swinick Headshot.png

Michele Swinick
Save My Freedom Movement

Lee Greenwood Headshot.jpeg

Lee Greenwood

John Stubbins
Show Host

Sebastian Gorka Headshot.jpeg

Sebastian Gorka
Former Deputy Assistant to
The President

Dr. John Diamond
America Unhinged

Daniel Schultz Headshot.jpeg

Daniel Schultz
Veteran, Attorney, Author,

Rev. Bill Cook
America’s Black Robe

Lou Dobbs Headshot.jpeg

Lou Dobbs
American Commentator

Chanel Rion Headshot.png

Chanel Rion

DeVaughn Simper Headshot.jpeg

DeVaughn Simper

Peter Santilli 
Pete Santilli Show

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

Raj Doraisamy
Defend Florida

Wayne Root
National Television Personality

Andrew Guiliani Headshot.jpeg

Andrew Giuliani

Leon Benjamin

Ann Vandersteel Headshot.png

Ann Vandersteel
National Podcast Host

Lucy DiGrazia
Host of Jesus Rocks

Clay Clark Headshot.jpeg

Clay Clark
Founder ReAwaken America

Brannon Howse
TV Personality

Cleta Mitchell
Election Integrity Lawyer

Kim Yeater Headshot.png

Kim Yeater
Peak Performance Master Coach

Mel Kay
Mel Kay Show

General Bolduc

Seth Keshell

Sherrona Bishop
Former Campaign Chief

Bill Spadea
American Television Host

William J Federer Headshot.webp

William Federer
National Known Speaker

John Fredricks
Show Host of Real America’s Voice

David Brody
TV Show Host

Martha Bonetta-Fain
Chairman, Vote America First

David Whited Headshot.jpeg

David Whited
Flyover Conservatives

Stacey Whited Headshot.jpeg

Stacy Whited
Flyover Conservatives

Thomas Homan
Former I.C.E. Director


Dane Senser

Peter Navarro Headshot.jpeg

Peter Navarro
Political Figure

Dr. Naomi Wolf
American Author

General Vallely

Linda Leiner Headshot.webp

Linda Lanier

Steve Gruber
RAV Broadcaster

Joe Arbuckle Headshot .jpeg

General Arbucle

Gina Loudon (Dr. Gina)

Gerald Malloy
2022 Republican Nominee for US Senate – Vermont

Alan Keyes
Brighteon TV Host

Jeff Crouere
Radio/TV Host


John Solomon
Political Commentator

Drew Berquist Headshot.jpeg

Drew Berquist
Head of RVM Network
Mammoth Nation

Ray Michaels Headshot.webp

Ray Michaels
Grassroots 50

Jodie Cox
Patriots Helping
Patriots Network

Kathryn Ranker
Radio Host

Trent Loos Headshot.jpeg

Trent Loos
Agricultural Advocate & Podcast Host

Dave Bray Headshot.jpeg

David Bray

Tina Peters
Election Official Whistleblower

Patrick Byrne Headshot.jpeg

Patrick Byrne

Bev McCann Headshot.jpeg

Bev McCann

John Senser
Patriotic Enrichment 
Youth of America

Richard Rovsek Headshot.jpg

Richard Rovsek
Spirit of Liberty Foundation

Glenn Story Headshot.JPG

Glenn Story
Patriot Mobile

Liz Harris Headshot.png

Liz Harris
Former Arizona Rep.

Robert West Headshot.png

Robert West

The Five Star Plan

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