REVIEW: Gordon Mote – Where You Lead Me

Gordon Mote has become a household name at this point. His infectious country style as well as his extraordinary piano skills make him one of the industry’s most sought-after artists and session musicians. Where You Lead Me is Mote’s fourth release with New Haven Records and it sees Mote co-producing the record with Wayne Haun once again.


It’s been over five years since Mote released his last recording, Love Love Love. That album featured a slew of radio singles. It became a hit machine for the Singer/songwriter and award-winning musician. Where You Lead Me picks up where Love Love Love left off by featuring a bevy of catchy country tunes and heartfelt ballads.


The album kicks off with the first single and aptly titled “The First Song.” This modern country tune is pure ear candy. The standout Pop melodic hook grabs the listener from the start. Speaking of striking pop-country numbers, “Wool” takes listeners on a journey with incredibly clever lyrical twists and turns.


The felicitously titled “I Can’t Sing the Blues No More” features a swampy track and stellar vocal performance. Fans should eat this up in a live setting. “Keep Doing That Thing” is a celebration of the lives we  Christians live day by day. This is another playful tune that could do very well radio.


It’s not all raucous country numbers. The tender “Missing Jesus” features a guest vocal from celebrated worship leader Travis Cottrell. The sweet duet vocals complement the stirring lyrics. “What I Already Know” is an indelible  track that features Gordon’s unique ability to deliver a lyric vocally. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves as a  singer, and this song is an amazing highlight because of that.


The two album highlights come in the form of two strikingly different songs from a musical standpoint. “His Eyes”, the cover of the Steven Curtis Chapman hits single from the 90s, features another delicate vocal performance from Gordon. However, he highlights the lyrics like no one has been able to sense Chapman’s original version. “Door Wide Open” features the Gaither Vocal Band at their finest. The intricate harmonies help showcase one of the strongest melodic hooks I’ve heard in southern gospel in years.


Overall, Where You Lead Me is a career defining recording for Gordon. There’s not a lemon among the bunch. Every song is perfectly calculated to be the best rendition it could possibly be. Bravo, Gordon. Bravo.


Check out the interview AGM did with Gordon about Where You Lead Me here:

Chris Unthank

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