On The Back Porch: Pastor Bruce Haynes

"One touch and my whole life was changed"

Luke 8

For twelve years I had suffered. Twelve years of continued weakness from an incurable hemorrhage. Every time I heard about a new physician, I would schedule an appointment, praying that the latest research had led to a cure. For over a decade I spent every dime that I could come up with, but I kept getting worse and worse. The procedures and the side effects of the medicines took a great toll on my body. I wiped out my life savings, but could not retrieve my health.

        I kept hearing about this prophet named Jesus, and according to some friends of mine, he was coming to town. I had heard some incredible stories, from some reliable sources. I had to believe this man could help me. I felt like this was my last chance. I concealed myself in the crowd, looking for an opening, waiting for my chance. The size of the crowd was unbelievable, how could I ever get to him? I was so weak, but I decided that I would touch him or die trying. You see I was considered unclean, I wasn’t even supposed to be around people. I was so afraid to draw attention to myself, fearing that I would be turned away. Then all of a sudden I saw an opening and with every last ounce of energy I lunged toward him. The tips of my fingers stroked the tassels hanging from his garment and power shot through my body and immediately I felt like a young woman again. I knew I was well.

        All of a sudden my instant joy turned to fear because this man knew that power had gone out of him. As he searched the faces of the crowd he asked “Who touched me?” I didn’t know whether to confess or remain quiet. One thing I knew, I was healed so I fell at his feet and told him the whole truth. That day I found out that there’s a huge difference between the outer and inner courts. Hanging around him is wonderful, but touching him is life-changing.

        He never asked me for money, never asked me to get on his mailing list, and never mentioned a follow-up. He did tell me that what healed me was just believing that he could.

        I have never been the same since that day. Now I can go when I want, where I want. For the first time in years I can worship with others in the sanctuary.

        One touch and my whole life was changed.

~Pastor, Bruce Haynes       

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