The King James Boys Release “He Broke The Chains” To Bluegrass Radio From ‘Walk On Faith’ Album

Nashville, Tenn. – Bluegrass Gospel group The King James Boys are excited to announce the next single from their latest Walk On Faith project. The recording “He Broke The Chains” will serve as the latest release to radio. The inspirational track is one of eight recordings from the collection, which is available for download and/or streaming HERE.

The track centers around the South Carolina based group’s signature harmony vocals, which have catapulted them into the national spotlight over the last few years. Written by Doyle Glenn Jones, “He Broke The Chains” details how Jesus can save a person’s life when least expected. The production channels a more stripped-down acoustic vibe that showcases King James Boys members Randy Spencer, Cole Spencer, Curtis Lewis, Will Hart and Josh Greene. The publication Skope Magazine says, “It’s a song furthering their penchant for seamless and spot-on harmonies without retreading over familiar ground.”

It serves as the follow-up to previous singles “Walk on Faith” and “The Devil’s Not Afraid Of A Dust Covered Bible.” The latter went on to become one of the band’s highest charting singles to date. In addition to hitting No. 1 on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Gospel Chart, it also became their first chart-topper on the CDX Southern Gospel & Positive Country Chart. The group’s approach on the recordings were complimented by IndiePulse Music Magazine, who said “King James Boys possess wide-ranging musical instincts. You can hear it on a micro-level in each song passage; the band never goes on too long and tailors their words to serve the music and vice versa.”

The full Walk On Faith project includes recordings penned by songwriters like Paula BreedloveRick Lang, David Stewart, Mark Brinkman, Brad Davis, David Ray Johnson and more. Fans who want to catch The King James Boys in concert can stay up-to-date on the band’s future appearances by visiting their official website where they can get the latest news, listen to music and more.

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