ALBUM REVIEW: Tribute Quartet’s – Quartet Tribute Vol. 3

Tribute Quartet- Quartet Tribute Vol 3

Producer- Gerald Wolfe

 Label- Daywind

Stars: 5 out of 5 


Being someone who enjoys traditional quartet music, I was excited to get the opportunity to review this album. 

Tribute Quartet has been consistent in its delivery of high-quality, spirit-filled, quartet singing over the years, setting the bar for what good four-part harmony should sound like. 

Gus Gaches brings to this project the beautiful classic stylings of his tenor voice, along with the smooth but powerful lead vocals of Gary Casto, combine that with the rich and warm baritone vocals that are uniquely Josh Singletary, and add the bass singing excellence of Ian Owens… you can’t have anything but a winning combination.

Kicking things off with the opening number  “MY NONSTOP FLIGHT TO GLORYLAND”  a song that was formerly recorded by The Cathedrals, it is a fun catchy tune featuring Gus and Ian. It talks about taking that eternal flight to our Heavenly home. 

Next up is “SO MANY REASONS (Why I Love The Lord)” featuring Gary Casto as he delivers one of the smoothest vocals you will hear on this song that recounts the many many reasons why we love the Lord. 

“CHEER THE WEARY TRAVELER” is next up with a fun upbeat track that features Ian’s booming bass to start and then transitions to Josh and Gus as they all come together to finish out the song. I imagine this one is going to be a fun song to sing and hear live in concert. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The fourth song on the album is one that I have to admit, I’ve never heard before this project. It has however quickly become one of my favorite “new to me “ songs!  “ACRES OF DIAMONDS”  is a beautifully done ballad that tells us “If you have Jesus, there’s more wealth in your soul than Acres Of Diamonds and Mountains of Gold”. Truer words have not been spoken, how blessed we are if we have Jesus, we have everything. 

At the halfway point, Josh puts a soothing spin on the Henry Slaughter classic “WHAT A PRECIOUS FRIEND IS HE”. 

Following that up, we pick up the tempo with one that will definitely get you clapping along “SOME DAY (Some Happy Day)” features Gary Casto on what is sure to be a fan favorite at the live concerts. 

The next track on the album is the Ronnie Hinson-penned “ HE PILOTS MY SHIP”. Josh Singletary is featured here on this classic and once again brings a unique style that is completely his own. There is an innocent vulnerability that he brings to the song like I’ve never heard before… Definitely a highlight!

The 8th track on the album is like a time capsule that instantly transported me back to childhood when I would hear my mother singing along with Skeeter Davis on the timeless classic “DO YOU KNOW MY JESUS”.  This song is a message of hope for the weary and downtrodden, proclaiming “ Do you know my Jesus, Do you know my friend? Have you heard? He loves you! And that He will abide til the end.” Featuring Gary Casto on the first Chorus, Gus then takes on the verse bringing it all together for a powerful ending.

We pick up the pace again with the next song “I WANT TO GET CLOSER” It was previously recorded by The Rebels Quartet and featured bass singer London Paris. The song gets a fresh modern-day spin that features bass singing machine Ian Owens. Having heard this song for the first time live, at NQC, I can tell you the crowd loved every second of it!

Closing out the album is the classic Albert E. Brumley tune  “I JUST STEAL AWAY AND PRAY”. First recorded and made famous by The Stamps Quartet, this stellar rendition features Ian Owens delivering a beautifully tender vocal on the verses showcasing not only his bass voice but a fantastic singing voice in general, paired with the super tight harmonies by the group on the choruses and you have one of the best if not THE best version of this song I’ve ever heard. 

In Closing, I would say that out of the 3 Quartet Tribute projects that Tribute Quartet has put forth, this one is a notch above the rest (and that’s saying something because they are all phenomenal). If you love traditional quartet music, you will love this album. A spectacular record that I would recommend to anyone! 

My personal favorites…

Do You Know My Jesus

He Pilots My Ship

Acres Of Diamonds

So Many Reasons

Rating: 5 STARS

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