ALBUM REVIEW: The Inspiration’s – The Legacy Continues.

Inspirations – The Legacy Continues

Producer:  Jeff Collins

Label:  Horizon Records


Rating:  5 Stars

My earliest musical memories are listening to my dad’s albums by the Inspirations from the 60’s and early 70’s and watching them on the Gospel Singing Jubilee.  Those first albums by the Inspirations molded and shaped my musical tastes as I was enamored by those early records (you can read about that on my  Music Page HERE)..  Now, celebrating 60 years, you would think their best days are behind them…but the last 3-4 years has shown their best days may be right now!  Featuring members whose parents were probably not even born yet when the group was started, the Inspirations have proven that consistency is one of the most important keys to a lasting and rich legacy.  Along with consistency in sound, they have remained consistent to their calling as well as the types of songs they sing and how they deliver those songs to the masses.  It’s not just a title, but with this latest recording, the Inspirations prove that “The Legacy Continues” with pure class and dignity!

Though the recording features mostly new songs, they kick things off with the classic “Redback Hymnal” favorite, “I’M GOING THAT WAY”, which features each member of the Inspirations, before Roland delivers the goods on a great song of declaration entitled, “I OWN IT ALL”.  This is a fantastic song that fits the Inspirations perfectly and is the first of 3 tunes that were written by Ronny Hinson.

Picking up the tempo, we come to the first single from this recording, “COME TO THE WELL”, which Ronny also wrote.  The song is such a fun song highlighting Wyatt’s bass vocal and truly embodies that classic Inspiration’s sound.  The song is currently doing very well for the Inspirations, and I expect it will continue doing so and will become a classic that they will be singing for years to come!

Slowing the tempo back down, Lucas takes the lead on the Joyce Croft penned, “I CAN SEE CALVARY”.  I love the quality of Lucas’ voice, as it reminds me of Jack Laws and this song sounds exactly like something he would have sung during his time with the Inspirations.  It’s a highlight of the recording and will no doubt be a fan favorite.

The tempo picks back up for the classic feel of the Ila Knight penned, “WALKING WITH JESUS”, which features Isaac, along with some bass step out lines by Wyatt.  Speaking of Wyatt, he takes the lead on another up-tempo tune, “RED SEA MIRACLE”.  Written by Ronny Hinson, it fits the Inspirations like a glove and really showcases the “cut” in Wyatt’s voice.

Probably my favorite tune on this recording is the song, “MY NAME’S ALREADY THERE”, which features a commanding performance by Roland.  I love the thought behind the song, “I’ve never been to Heaven, but my name’s already there!”, and I really hope this song hits radio before it’s all said and done, as it totally embodies that classic Inspirations sound.

Another outstanding song is the Silas Fuller penned tune, “REST FOR THE WEARY SOUL”.  Featuring an excellent performance by Isaac, I love the promise-filled lyric of the chorus…“there is help for the sinner in Calvary’s flood, there is peace for the troubled in the depths of His blood, there is hope for tomorrow, He’s in full control, in Jesus there is rest for the weary soul”.

Before I knew the song list for this recording, I knew the Inspirations couldn’t get by without including this popular Inspirations classic, “HE SENT HIM FOR ME”.  Originally recorded by the group on their 1980 album, “Sing Me a Gospel Song”, the current group has been singing this song for a while now, and it’s become a huge concert favorite, and Roland does a superb job on it.  I am so glad they included it as it feels right at home on this recording, before we come to the up-tempo, “GLORY, GLORY JESUS WON”, which was written by the late, Kyla Rowland.  This is a great song, and it finishes out the recording in fine fashion.

As one of the most anticipated releases for 2024, it has definitely lived up to the hype.  I love the cover shot of the group along with the back and inside shots paying homage to their rich legacy.  Also, I absolutely adored the artwork on the CD itself as it’s a perfect throwback honoring their days with Canaan Records, during the 70’s and 80’s.

This recording is a fantastic representation of the Inspirations’ rich legacy.  The Inspirations have found a formula that allows them to stay true to who they are, and it has worked very well for them.  Their concerts are always packed with people, and they are continuing to gain legions of fans from all ages and walks of life.  While they have a rich catalog that is full of 60 years of songs, this recording attests they are still producing new and relevant music that reaches the masses…proving their legacy is continuing as strong as ever!

Personal favorites include such songs as “I’m Going That Way”, “I Own it All”, “Come to the Well”, “My Name’s Already There”, “Rest for the Weary Soul” and “He Sent Him For Me”.

James Hales

James Hales, from Durham, North Carolina, has been a writer for since 2000. James is our featured reviewer and also contributes to monthly features periodically.
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