• No Thorns in the Crown – Dr. Tim Hill

    February 8, 2016 0
    What a mockery it was to weave together a crown made of thorns, thistles, and briars and place upon the head of Jesus while He was tortured and crucified. As wicked men placed this “halo [...]


  • Who Wouldn’t Want It?

    January 19, 2016 0
    Who Wouldn’t Want It? Have you ever been puzzled and just couldn’t figure out how or why people who supposedly love something aren’t interested in what they supposedly love? Case in point, most of you [...]
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Next Generation


Woman to Woman

  • Jan and Rebecca Little

    January 1, 2016 0
    Pam sits down with Pam Little and Rebecca Little Burke of The Littles in this month’s Woman to Woman feature.   Woman to Woman – Jan and Rebecca Little from Absolutely Gospel on Vimeo. For [...]

Up The Ladder

  • Great Day

    February 2, 2016 0
    Deon sits down with up and coming family group Great Day in this month’s video feature Up the Ladder! Up the Ladder: Great Day from Absolutely Gospel on Vimeo.   For more information on Great [...]

Weekly Chart

  • Monday – February 8, 2016

    February 8, 2016 0
    Eighth Day scores their second #1 hit from their comeback album I’m Gonna Say It this week with the title cut. The chart also sees debuts from the Carolina Boys and Lore Family and re-entries from Tribute, David Phelps, and The Whisnants. Fan Favorite was the Down East Boys‘ “Beyond [...]


The Isaacs   Karen Peck and New River

Three Bridges  The Browders

Michael English   Kevin Conley

Kings Heralds   The Freemans

Wilburn and Wilburn  & HIGHROAD III

Williamsons   The Littles

Jeff Stice   Steve Ladd

The Gould Family   Lindsey Graham

Jim Sheldon   Lori Jonathan Trio

Ashley Demarus Foundation   Godsey And Associates

11th Hour   Jerry Salley

Chris Golden  


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