REVIEW: The Talleys – After All This Time

The Talleys - After all This TimeProducer: Roger Talley & Lauren Talley
Label: Horizon Records/Crossroads Music Group

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The Talleys have a rich history from humble beginnings as kids and later growing their musical talents with such greats as the Song Masters, Hopper Brothers & Connie and the Cathedrals. After a few years away from the stage during the early/mid-90’s, the family came back together with Roger and Debra, along with their daughter, Lauren; and they’ve been blazing trails ever since. After all this time, they’ve managed stay just as relevant since the original group started. This latest release is one of their finest offerings they’ve ever made and this recording will no doubt, yield some fantastic offerings for radio and concerts.

The recording starts out with the bluegrass/country feel of the title song, “AFTER ALL THIS TIME”, which features all three members of the Talleys, before Lauren belts out the joyous anthem, “THERE IS COMING A DAY”. The funk feel of “THERE’S NEVER BEEN A MOUNTAIN” follows and will no doubt be a concert favorite for the Talleys.

The tempo finally slows down for “THIS THING CALLED GRACE”. Debra and Lauren share the lead on this stand-out track and is one of the highlights of the recording, as is the re-make of the Talleys hit from the 1980’s, “NAAMAN”. While I am still quite partial to the original version with Kirk Talley, this is an excellent remake and Lauren does a superb job making it her own before she turns in a stellar performance on what is probably my favorite song on this recording, “JESUS’ BLOOD IS ENOUGH”. I love how this song reminds us that no matter what we face, or how great the sin, His blood is enough. While it may never make it to radio, it’s a great song!

The uptempo, “MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD” is an invigorating “Southern Style” song that lots of people will thoroughly enjoy before the tempo slows back down for the unique, “BUT I NEED YOU MORE”, which many people will relate the tune back to the classic Elvis song, “Love Me Tender”. Featuring Debra, this song is a highlight of the recording, as is the honest, real-life tune, “THE PEOPLE IN THE LINE”, which features Lauren. Along similar lines is Roger’s feature, “SOMEBODY’S STORY”.

The tempo picks back up as the Talleys bring back the popular Mike Payne/Ronnie Hinson penned, “WHO BUT GOD”. Many may remember this popular tune from the mid-80s by the Paynes and Gold City, and Lauren does a spectacular job making the song her own.

The recording closes out with a more traditional feel with a blended fusion of two classic hymns, “I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY/BLESSED ASSURANCE”.

The Talleys have always put out top quality music. Each recording they release has had its own distinct personality…and like most personalities, some you like better than others! This is one personality that I really liked! Filled with songs to inspire and uplift, challenge and cause us to pause, rejoice and celebrate…this is one of the finest works in their career as it truly showcases them at their finest!
Song List:

(stars denote personal favorites)
1 – After All This Time**
2 – There is Coming a Day**
3 – There’s Never Been a Mountain
4 – This Thing Called Grace**
5 – Naaman**
6 – Jesus’ Blood is Enough**
7 – My Hope is in the Lord**
8 – But I Need You More
9 – The People in the Line**
10-Somebody’s Story
11-Who But God?**
12-I Love to Tell the Story/Blessed Assurance

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