REVIEW: Mark Trammell Quartet – Rewind

Mark Trammell Quartet - Rewind

Producer:  Mark Trammell
Label:  Daywind

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I’ve never been one who was into “best of” recordings.  For the most part, I already had the songs in my collection from their original recordings.  While this isn’t necessarily a “best of” recording, it does feature songs identified with the Mark Trammell Trio/Quartet.  What we get here that we don’t normally get with these types of recordings is a refresh of the vocals.  Since these were recorded prior to the group becoming a quartet, we get a bit more bottom end to their sound and the bass does get a few stand-out spots to let you know he’s really there, though no true bass feature if found.  But not just the bass is added, we get a refresh on all vocals, as the songs are performed by the current group, using the original studio tracks.

The recording starts out with one of their first radio tunes as a group, “HEAVEN” and quickly moves to one of my favorite MTT/Q tunes, “WE’RE COMING OUT AND MOVING IN”, which was given a nice refresh.

As it goes, we weave through a tapestry of memorable tunes such as “WHEN THEY RING THE BELLS OF HEAVEN”, “I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT TODAY”, “LOVING THE LAMB”, “IT’S JESUS”, “IF ONLY JUST A FEW” and other

There are subtle differences in some of the songs such as there is some editing done, adding a bass stand-out, new features with those who were not part of the original recordings, etc.  But, of course, the arrangements are basically the same, since they utilize their original tracks.

Those who are true MTQ fans will thoroughly enjoy this recording, and even one like me who is a fan, but not a true blue, died in the wool fan, I found aspects of this recording I enjoyed.  Hearing these songs in a refreshing new light was enjoyable.  Some songs I preferred the original, some I liked the updated version better, but all in all it’s a nice recording; maybe not one that will win new fans, but will definitely appease the current fan base.  My one critique is that it would have been nice if they had incorporated a bass feature somewhere somehow, more so than just a stand-out line here or there.  But all in all, it’s a nice recording.


Song titles: (stars denote personal favorites)

1 – Heaven**
2 – We’re Coming Out and Moving In**
3 – I Am Free
4 – When they Ring the Bells of Heaven**
5 – I Needed to Hear That Today**
6 – I Know that I Know
7 – Loving the Lamb**
8 – It’s Jesus**
9 – When Compared to God**
10-If Only Just a Few

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James Hales

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