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Chris had the opportunity to talk with Libbi Perry Stuffle about The Perrys‘ newest StowTown Records release Sing, as well as what is happening with this exciting group!

Chris Unthank: We know there has been some turn-over for your group. How are things going with the addition of Troy Peach and Andrew Goldman?

Libbi Perry Stuffle: God has blessed us with two of the most incredible young men in our group! Everyone works together great, and we are having a blast! Troy & Andrew go ABOVE and BEYOND to help Tracy, and you don’t find that in too many guys now days!

CU: For those who may not have your latest project, Sing, give us a little bit of a scoop on the new release.

LPS: We think this is one of our best projects, packed with incredible songs of encouragement! We wanted to say something with this album to the people listening, Doesn’t matter what you are facing, you CAN make it!

CU: What songs seems to be resonating the most in concerts?

LPS: There are so many that people really have been connecting with. “Keep On” (which is our first single to radio), “I Claim the Blood,” “I Have Seen the Power of the Lord,” “Both Sides of the River,” and “Time Has Made a Change” have been very effective for us in our ministry events!

CU: Tell us how the song featuring Tracy and Karen Peck Gooch and Kelly Nelon Clark (“Time Has Made a Change”) came about?

LPS: Tracy was always a big Rex Nelon fan. and he loved to hear Rex sing “Time Has Made a Change.” He always said, one day I will record that song! So, when we were getting songs together for this project, Tracy said the time is now to record the song. So, we did! It was a big honor for Tracy to have Karen and Kelly sing with him on this song!

CU: How has the road to recovery been for you guys? And not just Tracy, but how has God shown himself faithful to you and Jared as well through this time?

LPS: God has placed incredible people around us to help with Tracy, so that’s a BIG blessing!! A stroke recovery is never easy. It’s a long hard road not only for the victim, but for the caregiver and family. You have good days and you have bad days. You have to totally rely on God’s strength and grace to make it through each day! You cannot do it on your own strength! You just take one day at a time and know that whatever the day holds, it’s all a part of God’s will and plan! There’s a lot of changes in our lives, but you learn to embrace them and keep moving forward! NEVER give up and stop!

CU: Jared just got engaged! Tell us about his new fiance!

LPS: Lindsey Miller is from Decatur, Mississippi. She and Jared are the same age. She is a full fledged funeral director and embalmer! She LOVES her job!!  They met while we sang at her church in Lake, Mississippi. She found him on Facebook and the rest is history! They will be getting married May 28, 2016. You can find more details on wedding by visiting their wedding site.

CU: What does the new year hold for The Perrys?

LPS: We are praying 2016 will be one of the best years for The Perrys! We seek God’s will and plan for our group and our lives. We are excited to have Tracy on stage 100% of the time with us! Singing every note! We have a new DVD being released in February and plans on a new CD for later in the year.

CU: What has God been teaching you lately?

He’s been teaching us, TRUST HIM! In EVERY situation in our lives!! No better place to be, than leaning on and trusting in a God who loves you and provides for you every step of the way!! Proverbs 3:5-6

For more information on The Perrys, visit them online.

Chris Unthank

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