Urgent Prayer Request For Miles Cooper.

miles cooper  Taken from the FaceBook page of Cindy Cooper Wilson, daughter of Miles Cooper.

My dad was in a car accident today. It’s been a long few hours for our family waiting for him to stabilize enough to be transported to Charlotte for surgery on his left femur. A car pulled out in front of him and he didn’t get stopped in time to avoid the crash. He sustained a lot of trauma to his body and will be in a lot of discomfort for a long time. Please pray for him if you will. He has been through so much in the past few years and this is something he nor my mom needed right now. I will keep you all updated as I get information I can share. Blessings to you all.


Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I just spoke with my brother Jeff who is at the hospital with mom and dad and the update is not good. Daddy is stable, however he is on life support because of fluid build up in his lungs. He had a massive amount of trauma to his chest which caused broken ribs and difficulty breathing. While is femur is broken, his left ankle is also broken. Those will be repaired in a couple of days if the fluid can be removed from his lungs and stay that way. It is pretty much a “fine ballet” between pain meds, blood thinners versus blood thickeners, clots, fluid, etc. Bottom line, he’s in bad shape and needs continued prayers. Through all this, I am crying at the thought of not having my dad around anymore, but I’ll know where he will be if his body can’t take it anymore. He is a Child of the one True King and He’s being sheltered in the arms of God! Praise His Name!

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