Unexpected Miracles – Jeff Pearles

jeff pearles  He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God. Acts 3:8 NIV.

Some time ago, we did a concert tour in Canada. We absolutely love going to Canada. The combination of beautiful scenery and friendly folks is hard to beat.

This particular night was no different than any other on the tour. The crowd was enthusiastic and we were feeling good singing our hearts out. One thing that you know if you have ever been to a King’s Heralds concert is that no two are ever the same. On this particular night I decided to give the audience a sneak peak at some of the songs that are going to be on our new CD. The audience clapped along to the rhythm of songs like “He Set Me Free” and “I’m Getting Ready To Leave This World.” The Holy Spirit was very present that evening and several came forward and gave their heart to Christ.

After the service, as we were greeting the folks thanking them for a wonderful evening, a middle aged man whom we had seen sitting on the front row approached us. He thanked us for the music and proceeded to tell us that when he had gotten to the church that night he was battling thoughts of suicide. Then he said with a big smile on His face, “Because of the music and God’s touch on my life tonight, those thoughts are gone!” We were rejoicing with him as he left the church singing and praising God for his miracle that he had received.

Many times God is working in our lives when we have no clue that He is. However just like the man in our text today when He does we have to tell others!!

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