It’s Not Fair – Phil Enloe

Phil Enloe Pastor, Singer, Songwriter
Phil Enloe
Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

Hey, if you’re a parent you’ve probably heard this phrase many times from your kids, “IT’S NOT FAIR!” And, actually, they’re right – LIFE IS NOT FAIR. They’ll learn like you and me, someday, that there are MANY INJUSTICES in this world and in EVERYONE’S LIFE. It’s Pastor Phil of HARVEST Chapel with “A GOOD WORD FROM GOD’S WORD TODAY”.

I’ve got some GOOD and BAD NEWS for you today. Let’s start with the BAD NEWS so I can cheer you up afterwards with the GOOD NEWS.
O.K. here’s the BAD NEWS, God is JUST. He always does what is RIGHT. He plays by the rules and he doesn’t show FAVORITISM. If one of His children is WRONG, He calls it like it is. And, to be honest, we are all wrong at times. You know, the wages of sin is. . . . well you know the rest.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS, God is JUST. And He JUSTIFIES us that do DO WRONG, by the blood of His only Son, Jesus Christ. He makes us RIGHT with Himself by the POWER of the CROSS! Apart fromthe Cross, we will ALL stand before God saying, “IT’S NOT FAIR!” and God will say I sent my Son . Acts 27:8 says there’s a FAIR HAVEN for us to rest in and His name is “Jesus” is the FAIREST of TEN THOUSAND.

It’s your FAIRLY REASONABLE Pastor Phil, calling it like it is with “A GOOD WORD FROM GOD’S WORD TODAY” God . . . bless!

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