The Lesters Announce New Look

The Lesters
The Lesters

The Lesters of St. Louis Mo have a new look these days. After the departure of Matt Felts last winter, The Lesters had to shift into high gear. They had a 2 week tour scheduled for January and only 2 members. Jonathan’s wife of 4 years, Bailee, had traveled with the group off and on helping with the product table. In November 2015 she gave birth to their 2nd child.  Life was a little too hectic with 2 babies under the age of 2 on the bus at that time, so she came off the road.  Bailee knew every song they sang and almost everyone’s part. She also loved to sing……… the car.  She was pretty good, so her high school music teacher said. Brian and Jon put their heads together and ask Bailee to help them out for just this one time. She agreed after a day or so, and Grandma Sandra Lester agreed to go along and help with the babies.  The new sound of the group was a hit down in the Southwestern states. When they returned home they ask Bailee to continue full time in the gospel ministry. She agreed to give it a try.  So the group from St. Louis, MO, with a 91 year history in gospel music, is once again a family group, just as it was in 1925. The group now features Brian Lester, Jonathan Lester and new comer Bailee Lester. They are already working on a new project to be released soon.

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