Sign Language – Phil Enloe

Phil Enloe Pastor, Singer, Songwriter
Phil Enloe
Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

Hey, do you know SIGN LANGUAGE? I’ve watched people communicate without words, JUST by using with THEIR HANDS and GESTURES in total silence. It’s truly a communication skill and much can be said, WITH or WITHOUT WORDS. It’s Pastor Phil of Harvest Chapel with a GOOD WORD from GOD’S WORD today.

One of the greatest gifts God ever gave humans, is the ability to communicate with EACH OTHER and with HIM. For with the WORDS and GESTURES we choose, we either BLESS or CURSE people around us. A simple “THUMBS DOWN” from Pilot sent Jesus to the cross, but a “THUMBS UP” or a simple “SMILE” can brighten a person’s day.

Many of us have experienced VULGAR GESTURES in traffic and most of us have SPOKEN out of turn, at one time or another, but God’s Word has alot to say about theWORDS we SPEAK and the GESTURES we USE to communicate. Proverbs 11:12 says, “A man who lacks judgment mocks his neighbor, but a man of understanding HOLDS HIS TONGUE.” And Proverbs 12:18 reminds us that, “Reckless WORDS pierce like a SWORD, but the TONGUE of the wise brings HEALING.”

 So, TODAY, be on GUARD. Choose your WORDS and GESTURES carefully for they communcate the POWER of LIFE and DEATH in them. (Prov. 18:21)

It’s Pastor Phil saying, trying to communicate thisGOOD WORD FROM GOD’S WORD TODAY”. God bless.



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