Barry Rowland & Deliverance – Sharing the Light In a Dark World


One of the finest groups gracing our churches and concert stages today is Barry Rowland & Deliverance.  The group as it is today (Barry and his wife Tammy along with newest member Matthew Burgess), has been years in the making, but finally coming into fruition about 5 or 6 years ago.  Originally beginning around 1999 as Kyla Rowland & Deliverance, Kyla eventually handed the reins of the group to her son Barry, thus becoming Barry Rowland & Deliverance.  Featuring a sound that is almost revival like, you get a sense you’re in an old fashioned revival when they hit the stage.  As Barry states, “our music is inspired by the Holy Spirit and presented with the intention of inviting Him to manifest Himself to those in attendance.”  The group feels they are servants for the greater cause and glorification of Christ.  While many groups blaze the concert trails, there are groups like Barry Rowland & Deliverance who are happy and content to minister and sing in churches across the country and bring the fires of revival everywhere they go.

A big part of the group’s vitality is that they have an endless supply of songs from Barry’s mother, renowned songwriter Kyla Rowland.  Penning such great and notable songs as “One Scarred Hand”, “He Rolls Me Over the Tide”, “There Rose a Lamb”, “Safe Thus Far”, “Did I Mention” and many, many others, Barry has a tremendous pool of songs in addition to a family legacy of over 50 years in ministry in the family.  Barry has a solid base to build from, so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to Barry that the industry is embracing them.  As Barry states, “My heritage speaks loudly here. I was traveling and singing by the age of 14 with The Rowlands. In my 20’s and early 30’s I traveled with Kyla Rowland & Deliverance. God has been grooming and preparing me for over 3 decades. The experience with my family set the foundation for who we are and what our vision is today.”  As Barry reflects back on the legacy behind him, he states, “My family has been traveling and ministering for 50 years – that’s a lot of churches! Their trust and confidence in my family has opened many doors for us today.”  And the songs?  Barry feels very blessed to have such a vast catalogue of songs to choose from.  “Mother has files of songs never heard. What a blessing to have access to truly inspired lyrics from such a powerful woman of God!”

Barry Rowland & Deliverance’s latest release, The Light, features several older songs from Kyla Rowland’s vast catalogue of songs.  Songs such as the title song, “The Light” as well as “God Delivered Me”, “That Tomb is Still Empty”, “God’s Word Will Stand”, “So I’ll Tell Jesus”, “He’s Still on the Throne”, “Holy, Glory to the Lamb” and “Marching in Victory” are all classic tunes from the pen of Kyla Rowland.  Many of these songs were initially passed over by the group, but it was for such a time as this that these songs be recorded again.  Two songs in particular speak directly to Barry.  “Without hesitation, my favorite song on the project is, “The Light!” Recorded by The Rowlands nearly 25 years ago, I knew one day it would be time for us to minister these lyrics.  “God Delivered Me”, also speaks to me in a powerful way. It’s referring to the battle we encounter with Satan as we begin to pray – “Satan has lost this victory, I’ve been with the Master, He delivered me.”

Enjoying a thriving ministry filled with church and concert dates as well as a few chart songs under his belt, Barry hasn’t always been in such a good place.  There was a time after he graduated from high school that he ran from the Lord and anything resembling church for several years, but over time and through lots of prayers, Barry found his way back to the Lord.  It was during this time that Kyla was inspired to write such heart wrenching songs as “One Scarred Hand” and “Wall of Prayer”.  Even during this time away from God, Barry came away with some life lessons, as he shares, “God taught me humbleness. When I finally humbled myself before Him, He was then able to show me His mercy and grace. Secondly, He proved His faithfulness and love. As underserving and vial as I was, He loved and cared for me enough to show me who He really is.”

Also as a testament to God’s faithfulness, with the recent departure of lead/tenor vocalist, Shawn Ruppert, newest member of the group, Matthew Burgess, has been Barry’s ram in the thicket.  “Matthew Burgess is from Hattiesburg, Ms. You’ll be hearing and experiencing much more from this young man very soon. We are excited to be sharing the stage with such talent. He’s young, full of the Holy Ghost, and can flat haul the mail!”

God has been good to Barry Rowland & Deliverance, and according to Barry, it has come through prayer, obedience and sacrifice.  “God is teaching me that prayer truly works and it is our duty as Christians. He’s teaching me about surrendering and sacrifice – to deny my will so that His may be revealed.”  While good Christian entertainment is wonderful and something I thoroughly enjoy, it’s truly refreshing to see God working through such a viable ministry as Barry Rowland & Deliverance.

James Hales

James Hales, from Durham, North Carolina, has been a writer for AbsolutelyGospel.com since 2000. James is our featured reviewer and also contributes to monthly features periodically.
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