REVIEW: Perry Sisters – Lineage


Producer:  Perry Sisters 
Label:  Independent Release

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It has been almost 10 years since the Perry Sisters have recorded a mainline project, and they’ve been off the concert circuit for about 14 years.  Their music has been sorely missed and it’s great to hear them again!  This latest release features Diana Gillette along with her daughter Nicole and niece, Tammy on several new songs, but also features several hymns as well as songs that are part of the group and the family’s heritage; hence the title, Lineage.  Their previous release from 2007 was quite different from what we are used to from the Perry Sisters.  Here they stuck closer to their roots and recorded an album with mostly acoustic sounds…and it fits them very well.

The recording starts with the bouncy “HOW ABOUT YOU” before slowing down for the thought provoking, “NO STRANGER TO THE PAIN”, which is the type of song that identifies best with the Perry Sisters’ sound and Diana sings this perfectly.

Diana reminds us of the times we are living in with the timely, “THE WRITING’S ON THE WALL” before the tempo picks up for “IN THE ARK OF SAFETY”, which the Perry Sisters recorded over 30 years ago.  The song sounds like something the Rambos would have recorded back in the late 1960s.  Both songs are highlights of the recording.

Diana and her daughter Nicole share solo duties on “HOLD ON”, which is another look back to the Perry Sisters lineage.  Penned and recorded by the Perry Sisters 33 years ago, the song is still relevant today.

As a parent who has 2 babies in Heaven, “LOOK WHO’S HOLDING THEM NOW” is a special song to me personally and is a personal favorite on the recording.

“THE SILENCE OF THE NIGHT” speaks to personal failures many of us may face, while the bouncy “YOU CAN CATCH A MIRACLE” speaks what faith can do during these difficult times we may face.

The tempo slows back down for a remake of one of my favorite Perry Sisters tunes, “BUILD MY HOME” before Tammy sings the classic hymn, “HOLD TO GOD’S UNCHANGING HAND”.

Acoustic soul abounds with the favorite, “I HEARD ABOUT A STONE” which features a cameo appearance by former group member, Carol (Diana’s sister).  This is a highlight of the recording, as is Nicole’s stirring rendition of the hymn, “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL”.

Diana delivers a heartfelt prayer in song with “HERE I AM” before the group renders an updated rendition of probably my favorite Perry Sisters tune, “IMAGINE IF YOU WILL”.  It was so good to hear and enjoy this song again!

The tempo picks up as they revive one of the group’s most popular tunes, “BOUGHT BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB” before closing out with a special bonus track of the a song very special to the family, “HEAVEN HOLD ALL TO ME”.

My only critique is there are a lot of slow songs, which doesn’t provide a lot of variety, and the cover picture makes the ladies look stretched out, which makes the ladies look tall and extremely thin.  But overall though, this is an excellent recording and I hope this is a big step forward for the group to start traveling and doing more concerts.  Their music has been sorely missed, and it is so great hearing them again!


Track Listing: 
(stars denote personal favorites)

1 – How About You
2 – No Stranger to the Pain**
3 – The Writing’s on the Wall
4 – In the Ark of Safety**
5 – Hold On**
6 – Look Who’s Holding Them Now**
7 – The Silence of the Night
8 – You Can Catch a Miracle
9 – Build my Home**
10-Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand
11-I Heard About a Stone**
12-It is Well with my Soul**
13-Here I Am**
14-Imagine if You Will**
15-Bought By the Blood of the Lamb
16-Heaven Hold All to me (Bonus Track)

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James Hales

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