Bad Habits – Phil Enloe

Phil Enloe Pastor, Singer, Songwriter
Phil Enloe
Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

Hey, do you have any BAD HABITS that just bug the daylights out of you? Well, we all form HABITS of one sort or another because we’re HABITUAL HUMANS. It’s a part of what we are. But, did you know you can creat GOOD HABITSas well? And, they can be one of the best parts of being a HABIT forming HUMAN. It’s Pastor Phil of Harvest Chapelwith a GOOD WORD from GOD’S WORD today.

 Well, I guess we all have it work at not letting BAD HABITSrule our life like, “Finding Fault in everything, Putting ourself down all the time, Worrying about what might happen or just opening our mouth before thinking”. You see, all it takes for a HABIT to be ESTABLISHED in our subconscious is to REPEATED anything for SEVEN DAYSand “PRESTO“, it’s a HABIT, but to BREAK a BAD HABITit can take from EIGHTEEN DAYS to almost a YEAR. But Philippians 4:8 says, “Whatsoever things are TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY, and of GOOD REPORT; THINK on these things” and you’ll form GOOD HABITSthat you’ll never want to BREAK.

The United States Army had a slogan that said, “Be all that you can be” and with this “GOOD HABIT” in God’s Word youCAN BE.

 It’s Pastor Phil saying, “Old habits die hard, but New ones can be formed” with this GOOD WORD FROM GOD’S WORD TODAY”. God bless.

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