REVIEW: Aaron & Amanda Crabb – Restore

aacrabb-restoreProducer: Aaron Crabb
Record Label: Difference Media

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One thing we have come to expect when we hear the name Crabb is great music, powerful lyric and a great passion for everything they do. Aaron and Amanda Crabb was birthed out of the Crabb Family’s many years of traveling and then disbanding.  Multiple ministries have been formed and are now continuing to carry the gospel in excellent ways.  Aaron Crabb has developed into a great singer and Amanda’s heart and voice blend so nicely with her husband, but when she steps out to sing it certainly stands on its own.

With their new CD Restore, there is no exception to the quality we have come to expect. Opening with the down home feel of  “Time Flies,” this song is sure to have you remembering the sweet things of  your past that have help make you who you are today.  The second song, “The Water,” on which Aaron is featured,  continues the same concept of how we have been changed by decisions of our past, and in this case it speaks of the wonderful feeling of being baptized, surrendering to the water and letting it cleanse our sins away.

Aaron steps back up and does in true Crabb Family fashion a song the family recorded many years ago “Two Coats.” Amanda then performs so beautifully a song that she wrote and the concept behind the CD title “Restore Me.” I believe this song will minister to so many that just need a fresh touch from the Father. The pace is then picked back up with the soulful sound of  “Washed Away.” Aaron then steps back up to bless us with the “The Blood.” The message is simple in this song yet powerful.  The blood of Jesus is simply enough! Next is one of my favorite cuts of this CD,“I’ve Seen What He Can Do.” If we all just stop for a moment, look over our lives then we certainly see what He has done for us.

Jumping forward to one of my favorite songs written by Dottie Rambo, Aaron and Amanda dressed their version up beautifully of “He Looked Beyond My Fault.” Next up is the song “I’ve Got The Victory” and this reminds me of growing up in church with the choir and live band. Amanda does a great job. Capping this CD off is the song “Miracle,” which is another great familiar song that the Crabb Family recorded years ago and features a great performance with heart and conviction that you can feel even recorded.

If you love great music, strong lyric and powerful singing then you will love this new CD Restore by Aaron and Amanda Crabb. New songs, along with mixing in a few familiar are always my favorite recordings.  Get your copy of this CD today and then maybe visit them at the church they Pastor in Hendersonville, Tennessee – Restoring Hope Church – to let them know how much you love it!

Track listing:

Two Coats
The Water
I’ve Seen What He Can Do
Time Flies
Wash Away
He Looked Beyond My Faults
Mercy On Me
Restore Me
Your Blood
Kingdom Come
I’ve Got the Victory
Back Together

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Anthony Facello

Anthony is no stranger to Christian music. The Dove-nominated male vocalist has been traveling for 21 years in ministry. He has sung and toured with many of Gospel music's most recognizes names. Anthony formed the group Beyond the Ashes in 20016, sang tenor and managed the group until 2014. In addition to being an incredible vocalist, Anthony also enjoys writing songs. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee.
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