REVIEW: The Hoppers – Life is Good

hoppers-lifeisgoodProducer: Lari Goss, Michael Sykes, Michael Hopper, Kim Hopper
Record Label: Daywind Records

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The Hopper name is no stranger to the Gospel Music world.  Traveling and singing full-time for over fifty years now, The Hoppers have most certainly created a unique family style and a great following of fans that have eagerly awaited this new CD for four years now.

The CD Life Is Good opens in true Hopper fashion with the song “Jesus, The One.” Kim Hopper steps out and performs this song as only she can do.  After setting the stage, the CD moves onto other great songs like “Life Is Good” and “Grace Will Get To You.”  Halfway through, we reach a familiar tune “Brethren We Have Met To Worship” that you get your foot tapping.

The current radio single “If We Ever Gotta Look” is very similar to other Hopper songs such as “Stepping On The Clouds.” The next song Claude steps up and puts his stamp on “Until You’ve Known The Love Of God.” I personally love to hear Claude and Connie sing these days.  There is something about hearing a voice that has experience of life, struggles and victories.

I will be honest in saying one of the biggest surprises of this CD is Karlye’s  solo “My Ransom.” This is the first CD release that Karlye has really been a “front line” singer. “My Ransom” was performed beautifully and she has a great future according to this.

Wrapping up Life Is Good is a song perfectly designed for Connie.  “Before The Sun Goes Down” is a wonderfully written song and greater then that it is performed so well with Connie’s voice.

I would say The Hoppers have put together another great CD for the fan and new listener.  Claude, Connie, Dean, Kim, Mike and Karlye are a class act and their music will always have a place in my heart since I was a kid and would sit on the floor of my bedroom listening.  Go get this CD!

Track Listing:

Jesus, the One
Life Is Good
Grace Will Get to You
Walk Two
Brethren We Have Met to Worship
If We Ever Gotta Look
Until You’ve Known the Love of God
Song of Moses
My Ransom
By and By
Before the Sun Goes Down

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Anthony Facello

Anthony is no stranger to Christian music. The Dove-nominated male vocalist has been traveling for 21 years in ministry. He has sung and toured with many of Gospel music's most recognizes names. Anthony formed the group Beyond the Ashes in 20016, sang tenor and managed the group until 2014. In addition to being an incredible vocalist, Anthony also enjoys writing songs. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee.
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