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gvb-feature2016Deon sat down with Wes Hampton of the Gaither Vocal Band to talk about their new CD, Better Together. He also found out some interesting things about Wes himself.

Deon: Wes, where are you living since starting with the GVB?

Wes: I have been a member of the Gaither Vocal Band for 11½ years, which seems like just yesterday. I’ve been living in Birmingham the whole time. When I started with Gaither I thought I might have to move to Nashville. Thanks to Ernie Haase sharing with Bill that his group has members living all over, but meet in Ohio, Bill thought that it might work for me also, and thankfully it has. I drive from Birmingham to Nashville every time we sing. It’s only a 6 hour round trip drive and gives me a lot of time to think and practice.

Deon: That’s some nice time to clear you mind. Just curious, what music do you listen to while you’re driving?

Wes: People always ask me that, and are surprised when I tell them that I usually listen to talk radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gospel Music, but it is so involved in my life that once in a while I need a break from any music. So, it’s talk radio.

Deon: Do you have anything interesting going on in your life now?

Wes: As a matter of fact I do. With the help of my friend and Gaither artist, Kevin Williams, I am in the process of recording 2 new solo projects. I’m recording a Hymns album and a regular album with newer song selections. I hope to have the Hymns CD out by late spring of 2017 and the other shortly after that.

Deon: That is great, I can’t wait to get a copy of both of those CDs. Anything outside of music?

Wes: Most people don’t know this, but I love to cook, and some of my family think I’m pretty good at it. In fact, they suggested that I write a cook book. I did, and thought a few of my family members might buy one. To my surprise, I sold 1,500 copies. I am now working on my 3rd cook book. It’s a fun project to be involved in. To order Wes’ newest cookbook by email:info@weshampton.com. To view His cookbook and recipes can be found here: http://www.weshampton.com/www-weshampton-com-wescipes. The cook books sell for $20.

Deon: We better get to this new GVB CD, Better Together. Tells us about how this CD is different form other GVB albums.

Wes: Bill made the decision to make a “fun” CD. This CD is like nothing we’ve ever done before. There are no big ballads or traditional high endings. I just an easy to listen to recording. I like to call this a “group focused” recording, because there aren’t any songs that sound like a solo recording with back up singers. This has some great harmonies, which some are vocally challenging, but very rewarding. This album has some older Spirituals and some familiar songs like “Dig A Little Deeper”, and even a new song “But I Need You More”.

Deon: Why the title Better Together?

Wes: Interesting that you should ask that. We are in the middle of an election and it has caused division in our country. Similarly we have division in our churches today. Better Together is the title song for the album and it talks about how with all the problems of division we face, we are still better together. Better working together to build the Kingdom.

Deon: Any favorites from this album?

Wes: I love them all, but “I Need You More” really ministers to me. “We’ll Talk It Over” and Heart Of Mine” just give a solid group sound.. Bill wanted to do the old song “You’ve Got A Friend” and I really like it too.

Deon: Lastly, what do you think to the two newer guys?

Wes: Oh, my, if you can’t get along with Adam and Todd, you can’t get along with anybody. These guys are so laid back and just fun to hang out with that we have become great friends. By the way, they are tremendous singers too.

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