REVIEW: Collingsworth Family -The Best of the Collingsworth Family, Vol. 1

collingsworthfamily-bestofvol1Producer: Various
Record Label: StowTown Records

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This CD starts off with “God Is Faithful”. Mother Kim Collingsworth has the lead on this song and does a beautiful job. It’s a very pretty song and has the pretty harmonies to match it. I love how they invert the tag and give it a high lead. They follow it up with the upbeat tune, “I Know”. Their son, Phillip does a great job on this lead. This song is a great crowd mover. It gives them an opportunity to clap along and really get into it with the reprise. “When God Whispers In Your Heart” slows things down a bit to a slow jazz. The chords in this song are absolutely gorgeous! The daughter leading this song does a beautiful job. I love it!

“I Want Jesus More Than Anything” keeps the mood light and soft. I believe their youngest daughter, Olivia, is singing the lead on the first verse. She does a wonderful job on it. Father Phil Collingsworth takes the lead on the second verse. I like how one of the girls just completely changes the key and leads into the next chorus right after her dad’s verse. It’s a very pretty song with a great message. They pick the pace back up with “Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness.” This is a feel good song which makes it easy to engage in. I love the abrupt key change in the middle of one of the last choruses. “God Is In The Shadows” is a medium tempo song. It sounds like just the girls singing on this one. It’s a nice change up. “Joshua Fit ‘De Battle” is another jazzy tune. It is a piano instrumental. I don’t particularly like the trumpet sound they stuck in there. To me, it’s a little cheesy. That’s my personal preference. However, Kim can play that piano. I love to hear her play.

“The Blood Of Jesus” is a power ballad. This song is huge! They start off together which sounds great. They have very tight, family harmony. Kim has the lead on this song. I love the message. “Shine On Us (Shine Upon Us)” is next. They pretty much sing this whole song together which is nice. I like it. “Until Then” is a trumpet and piano instrumental. Their parents get to play this song together. It gives a refreshing change to the album. “Tell The Mountain” is a great song. Phillip has a very smooth voice and does a great job on this song. “Fear Not Tomorrow (with I Know Who Holds Tomorrow)” is one of my favorite songs that the Collingsworth Family sings. The harmonies are beautiful, and the message is so relevant in this day and time that we are living in. It gives me chills when they go into “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”. Wow. Love it! The traditional “How Great Thou Art” ends this album. It is a very powerful piano instrumental. It is also very evident that their mother is anointed to play the piano. This rendition will leave you in tears.

This family is so talented. The harmonies are just beautiful. You can tell that they have had extensive training and take the time to perfect their sound. It really paid off on this project, and every other project that they’ve done. This CD is Part 1 of a compilation of some of their most popular songs that people have grown to love over the years. So, if you’re a Collingsworth Family fan, you’ll love it! I give this project 5 stars. I can’t pick out one thing that wasn’t great about it. I highly recommend taking a listen to it!

Track Listing:

God Is Faithful
I Know
When God Whispers In Your Heart
I Want Jesus More Than Anything
Show A Little Bit of Love and Kindness
God Is In The Shadows
Joshua Fit ‘De Battle
The Blood of Jesus
Shine On Us
Until Then
Tell The Mountain
Fear Not Tomorrow
How Great Thou Art


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Victoria Bowlin

Victoria is a powerful singer, songwriter, author, and Faith-Inspired speaker who gives encouragement and hope through music and personal testimonies. Originally from West Columbia, SC, Victoria's background includes extensive singing and traveling full time with her family, The Shireys and participating in tent revivals held by her late Grandmother, Evangelist Mamie L. Clark. Through deliverance from a serious depression and multiple healings, God is using her testimony to reach countless people.
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