REVIEW: Jim Brady Trio – Promises

jbtrio-promisesProducer: Jim Brady
Record Label: Daywind Records

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The Jim Brady Trio has certainly cut out their own niche since they have been traveling.  Great songs accompanied by smooth harmonies tends to be a really nice combination.  I personally have been a Jim Brady fan for years and actually remember when he and Melissa sang together as The Shulers.

The latest project, Promises, is their sophomore CD and it certainly continues the sound of the Jim Brady Trio since the first release.  I am thrilled that they have already garnered a wonderful fan base that will help them become a mainstay of the Southern Gospel Industry.

This CD starts our with a jazzy tune “A Wonderful Life.” This song does a great job setting the pace. As we journey on, my ears perk up with a song called “Homesick For Heaven.”  We all have lost loved ones and yearn to see them again in heaven.  What a beautiful lyric and reminder that we will see them once again.

I love when groups put a familiar song on their CDs.  JBT did this with “I Go To The Rock.” This song was recorded by The Hoppers in the early 90s, and Jim Brady Trio does a great job bringing it back and presenting it as if they were the first to ever sing it.

The newest member does not get a chance to step up until later in the CD with an old hymn most of us know “What A Day That Will Be.” Layke brings a fresh vocal to the industry and does a nice job.

I would consider this CD to be easy listening.  There are good songs and nice harmonies, but I wish it had more dynamics.  I think a CD should be designed to take you on a journey with highs and lows. I also wished they would have featured the newest vocalist a bit more in the mix.

I am a Jim Brady Trio fan, and they are doing a great job.  I have no doubt that the Southern Gospel listener will enjoy this CD.  Make sure you go to your local retailer that carries gospel music and pick up your copy.

Track Listing:

A Wonderful Life
God Is With Me
Homesick For Heaven
I Go to the Rock
Tell Me (featuring Marla Henry)
What a Day That Will Be
Wherever I Am
Peace In the Shelter
Farewell, But Not Forever


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Anthony Facello

Anthony is no stranger to Christian music. The Dove-nominated male vocalist has been traveling for 21 years in ministry. He has sung and toured with many of Gospel music's most recognizes names. Anthony formed the group Beyond the Ashes in 20016, sang tenor and managed the group until 2014. In addition to being an incredible vocalist, Anthony also enjoys writing songs. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee.
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